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Antonyms - CSEET English Business Communication

1. Disparage 

a. hesitate

b. settle

c. trouble

d. applaud

Answer D

To disparage means to speak slightingly about, to applaud means to express approval.

2. Ample 

a. complete

b. insufficient

c. quiet

d. supple

Answer B

Ample means more than adequate in size, scope, or capacity or sufficient, therefore, insufficient is the most dissimilar.

3. Deviant 

a. winding

b. careful

c. normal

d. sad

Answer C

Deviant means departing from the established norm, or abnormal, so normal is the answer.

4. Abolish 

a. vote

b. punish

c. avoid

d. establish

Answer D

To abolish means to do any with entirely, to establish is the answer.

5. Forsake 

a. craft

b. embrace

c. shun

d. infer

Answer B

To forsake means to renounce, so embrace or welcome or include can be answers.

6. Tractable 

a. invisible

b. stubborn

c. unadvisable

d. special

Answer B

Tractable means easily handled or managed, stubborn means difficult to handle or manage.

7. Dexterous


b. saline

c. cunning

d. precious

Answer D

Dexterous means skilful with hands, clumsy which means lacking dexterity, nimbleness or grace.

8. Aerate 

a. argue

b. placate

c. suffocate

d. destroy

Answer C

To aerate means to supply with oxygen, so suffocate is the answer.

9. Venerable 


b. constant

c. sophomoric

d. infirm

Answer C

Venerable means impressive by reason of age, so sophomoric which means poorly informed and immature is the answer.

10. Rancor 

a. ritual

b. argument

c. collect

d. accord

Answer D

Rancor means bitter ill will, accord which means balanced interrelationship or harmony will be the answer.

11. Daunt 

a. calm

b. believe

c. inspirit

d. dispel

Answer C

To daunt means to lessen the courage, so inspirit which means give vigor or courage will be the answer.

12. Paucity

a. excess

b. certainty

c. timidity

d. beauty

Answer A

Paucity means smallness a number, excess means ample quantity.

13. Heedless 

a. heartless

b. attentive

c. speedy

d. unaware

Answer B

Heedless means inconsiderate or thoughtless, attentive means heedful or mindful of the comfort of others.

14. Abound 

a. rest

b. discourage

c. bless

d. dwindle

Answer D

To abound means to be present in great numbers, to dwindle is the answer.

15. Confederate 

a. enemy 

b. confuse

c. wander

d. cluster

Answer A

A confederate is an ally or accomplice, an enemy is the answer

16. Resplendent 

a. illuminated 

b. disarming 

c. dowdy

d. delightful

Answer C

Resplendent means characterised by glowing spender, so dowdy is the answer.

17. Onerous

a. permissive

b. easy

c. unforgiving

d. public

Answer B

Onerous means troublesome, so easy is the answer.

18. Sagacity 

a. incredulity

b. belligerence

c. stupidity

d. tolerance

Answer C

Sagacity means wisdom, so stupidity is the answer.

19. Dilettante 

a. puritan

b. professional

c. aesthete

d. conniver

Answer B

Dilettante is a person having superficial interest in an art or branch or knowledge, a professional is a person who engages in a pursuit as a profession,

20. Reliction 

a. dedication

b. demolition

c. flood

d. problem

Answer C

Relocation means the gradual recession of water leaving the land dry, flood is the answer

21. Villenage 

a. nobility

b. lineage

c. directness

d. dullness

Answer A

Villenage means the peasant or commoner class, nobility is the answer.

22. Craven 

a. stalwart

b. release

c. distinguished

d. comfortable

Answer A

Craven means. Cowardly, stalwart means marked by outstanding strength or vigor.

23. Subsequent 

a. aloof

b. previous

c. following

d. dismissive

Answer B

Subsequent means following in time or order, previous is the answer.

24. Abrupt

a. continue

b. laudable

c. anticipated

d. careless

Answer C

Abrupt means occurring without warning or sudden so anticipated is the answer.

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