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Brand environment MCQs - CSEET

1. _________ is a mode of direct marketing owes to well structured communications in the form of catalogs.

  1. Telemarketing

  2. Marketing promotion

  3. E advertising

  4. Publicity

answer: (A)


2. _________ is ether the head of marketing department or a major brand and is responsible for the brand strategy and its implementation, important for complete performance of the brand.

  1. Chief Branding Officer

  2. Chief investment officer

  3. MD of company

  4. Director of Company

answer: (A)

Chief Branding Officer

3. _________ lets you to have a clear picture of the number of customers or usage of your brand in comparison with competition.

  1. Brand share

  2. Product share

  3. Customer share

  4. Market share

answer: (D)

Market share

4. _________ lets you to have your loyal customer's lifetime worth in terms of your brand's purchasing.

  1. Lifetime value of a customer

  2. Lifetime value of a copy right

  3. Lifetime value of a company

  4. Lifetime value of a market

answer: (A)

Lifetime value of a customer

5. _________ of ad means how many times you should expose your target customers to your message.

  1. Frequency

  2. Timing

  3. strategy

  4. Media

answer: (A)


6. _________ provides a good quality of service because of a direct interface with the customers, but it is expensive.

  1. Direct sales

  2. Telemarketing

  3. E-marketing

  4. All of the given options

answer: (D)

All of the given options

7. _________ shows how consistent customers are in buying your brand, how long they have been buying and how long they may buy?

  1. Customer loyalty

  2. Brand loyalty

  3. Market loyalty

  4. Company loyalty

answer: (A)

Customer loyalty

8. _________ works best under the circumstances of high differentiation that gives you a sustainable advantage in a quality conscious market.

  1. Value-in-use Pricing:

  2. Skim Pricing

  3. Segment pricing

  4. Strategic account pricing

answer: (B)

Skim Pricing

9. A brand based organization provides which of the following benefits?

  1. Clarity of role

  2. Commitment to brand growth

  3. A collective responsibility

  4. All of the given options

answer: (D)

All of the given options

10. Advertising is part of sales promotion by creating awareness and comprehension that form a level of _________.

  1. Customer pull

  2. Customer push

  3. Customer loyal

  4. Customer image

answer: (A)

Customer pull

11. An effective advertising campaign:

  1. Revolves around a strong single idea

  2. Should appeal to self interest of customer

  3. Must not wander off

  4. All of the given options

answer: (D)

All of the given options

12. Brand assets include:

  1. The name of the brand

  2. Reputation, relevance, and loyalty

  3. Quantity of products

  4. All of the given options

answer: (B)

Reputation, relevance, and loyalty

13. Brand picture is based on which one of the following?

  1. Brand value

  2. Brand mission

  3. Brand vision

  4. Brand image

answer: (D)

Brand image

14. Delivery services offered by restaurants and other food chains in our market on phone calls are examples of:

  1. Sales promotion

  2. Direct marketing

  3. E commerce

  4. Personal selling

answer: (B)

Direct marketing

15. Duration of _________ should be short and should not be repeated too often.

  1. Sales promos

  2. Market promos

  3. Brand promos

  4. Product promos

answer: (A)

Sales promos

16. If a company introducing a new brand under the source brand or endorsing brand strategy to gain the benefits of brand power, you again are in a position to charge a _________.

  1. Premium price

  2. Skimming price

  3. Demand based price

  4. Whole sale price

answer: (A)

Premium price

17. Marketers need to position their brands clearly in target customers' minds. The strongest brands go beyond attributes or benefit positioning. They are positioned on the basis of which of the following?

  1. Desirable benefit

  2. Good packaging

  3. Strong beliefs and values

  4. Service inseparability

answer: (C)

Strong beliefs and values

18. Mostly, the major source of power throughout the distribution channel is:

  1. The company

  2. The brand

  3. The distributor

  4. The customer

answer: (B)

The brand

19. PIA runs a series of television commercials that show its staff going out of their way to help customers. An important secondary audience for these ads is:

  1. The civil aviation authority

  2. Competitors

  3. PIA employees

  4. All air travelers

answer: (C)

PIA employees

20. The brand stature construct is equivalent to:

  1. Esteem multiplied by knowledge

  2. Differentiation multiplied by knowledge

  3. Knowledge multiplied by relevance

  4. Esteem multiplied by differentiation

answer: (A)

Esteem multiplied by knowledge

22. The term "story board" is specifically related to:

  1. TV commercial

  2. Newspaper Editorial

  3. Magazine ad

  4. Press release

answer: (A)

TV commercial

23. This pricing model offers opportunity to set different levels of pricing for different needs is known as _________.

  1. Segment pricing

  2. Skim pricing

  3. Value-in-use pricing

  4. Strategic account pricing

answer: (A)

Segment pricing

24. To have value, a brand must offer which one of the following?

  1. A simple product range with a defined set of features

  2. A complex product range with a defined set of features

  3. Consistency, a reduced level of perceived risk for the buyer, and a range of functional and emotional attributes which are of value to buyers

  4. An identity through which the customer can trace the party responsible for supplying the product

answer: (C)

Consistency, a reduced level of perceived risk for the buyer, and a range of functional and emotional attributes which are of value to buyers

25. What purpose does an advertising copy serves?

  1. Provides a degree of continuity in a brand's advertising

  2. Help a brand achieve distinctiveness

  3. Provides a common benchmark on which all concerned in the company and the agency can evaluate the merits of advertising submissions

  4. All of the given options

answer: (D)

All of the given options

26. Which of the following strategy give the benefit of premium pricing?

  1. Umbrella strategy

  2. Line brand strategy

  3. Product brand strategy

  4. Branding strategy

answer: (A)

Umbrella strategy

27. "Developing budgets and steering resources into strategy are critical areas of success," Correlates which of the following strategy.

  1. Crafting strategy

  2. Implementing strategy

  3. Evaluating strategy

  4. Performing strategy

answer: (B)

Implementing strategy

28. _________ advertising affords the marketer the ability to engage the consumer in a direct and personal way.

  1. Interactive

  2. Contextual

  3. Traditional

  4. Website.

answer: (A)


29. _________ are about organizations seeking gaps in broad market segments or finding gaps in competitors' product ranges.

  1. Market niche strategies

  2. Differentiation

  3. Cost leadership

  4. Focus Strategies

answer: (D)

Focus Strategies

30. _________ are incurred by brands because of failures and questionable business practices that may increase costs and liabilities.

  1. Brand assets

  2. Brand liabilities

  3. Brand equities

  4. Market failures

answer: (B)

Brand liabilities

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