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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

1. Choose the appropriate articles (a, an, or the) to fill in the blank given below: What is that noise? I think it is helicopter.

a. a

b. an

c. the

d. No article

2. Give Synonym for the following word:


a. Defeat

b. Investigate

c. Delay

d. Retaliate

3. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase below:

Status quo

a. the previous condition

b. the existing condition

c. direct

d. lack of authority

4. Choose the correct spelling

a. sacrilegious

b. saereligious

c. sacrilegiuos

d. sacribegous

5. Following is a set of four sentences. Choose the sentence which is most appropriate – grammatically, semantically & logically.

a. Hi John. Long time no see. How was it going?

b. Hi John. We haven’t meet in a long time. How is it going?

c. Hi John. We haven’t met in a long time. How is it going?

d. Hi John. Long time no meet. How has it been going?

6. The type of communication which usually takes place between people of the same status/level of hierarchy in the organization is called

a. Upward

b. Downward

c. Horizontal

d. Diagonal

7. A is printed stationery, which carries the essential information about the company or the organisation.

a. Special markings

b. Subject line

c. Letterhead

d. Salutation

8. Google chrome is a kind of .

a. Website

b. Web browser

c. Address bar

d. Search engine

9. A is a list of securities owned by a person or Institution.

a. Policy

b. Principal

c. Portfolio

d. Prospectus

10. Give Synonym for the following word:


a. Regular

b. Uneven

c. Straight

d. Level

11. Find the misspelled word.

a. Dilemma

b. Ecstasy

c. Liasion

d. Moustache

12. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase below:

Carte blanche

a. complete authority

b. issue the warrant

c. no authority

d. lack of authority

13. Listening is the part of communication

a. Receiving

b. Feedback

c. Delivery

d. Channel

14. An address bar is also known as .

a. Web browser

b. URL bar

c. Search bar

d. Home page

15. An MIS is composed of that is the part of overall-unified system.

a. Sub-systems

b. Eco-system

c. Layers

d. Random software

16. Whom, Which and That are which form of Pronoun?

a. Personal

b. Relative

c. Possessive

d. Collective

17. are prefixes that denote the act of undoing the previous act that the root word denotes as being done.

a. Reversative Prefixes

b. Derivative Prefixes

c. Supportive Prefixes

d. Opposing Prefixes

18. What is the synonym of Adept?

a. Accomplish

b. Satisfactory

c. Proficient

d. Disciple

19. Which of the following skill is not required for better comprehension?

a. Logical ability

b. Inference power

c. Less attention

d. Vocabulary power

20. Which is / are the element / (s) of Effective Communication?

a. Clarity of expression

b. Completeness of information

c. Conciseness of message

d. All of the above

21. Office Order is which form of communication?

a. Written communication

b. Oral communication

c. Visual communication

d. Audio-visual communication

22. happens when the person hears only what they want to hear.

a. Discriminative listening

b. Comprehensive listening

c. Evaluative listening

d. Biased listening

23. A word used to describe or point out, a person, animal, place or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number and quantity, is called a/an


a. Adjective

b. Verb

c. Noun

d. Preposition

24. Which of the following is not the tip for choosing right words?

a. Simplicity

b. Use familiar words

c. Choose short words

d. Use Gender oriented words

25. The words, Access and Excess are examples of:

a. Synonym

b. Antonym

c. Homophone

d. Homonym

26. What will be the correct order of the following steps of communication?

a. Receive, Transmit, Encode and Develop an Idea.

b. Encode, Develop an Idea, Receive and Transmit

c. Develop an Idea, Encode, Transmit and Receive

d. Transmit, Develop an Idea, Receive and Encode

27. Anno Domini means:

a. For the Lord

b. Faith on the Lord

c. Believer of Lord

d. In the year of the Lord

28. Which of the following is not the form of digital communication?

a. Video Conferencing

b. Letter sent through post.

c. Blogs

d. Skype

29. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using email communication?

a. Email is fast

b. Email is inexpensive

c. Email is easy to filter

d. Internet connectivity

30. The words a or an and the are called

a. Verbs

b. Adjectives

c. Preposition

d. Articles

31. “Communication in its simplest form of conveying of information from one person to another”. Who gave this definition?

a. Koontz and O’Donell

b. Hudson

c. George Terry

d. Allen Louis

32. The commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service is called .

a. Marketing

b. Telecommuting

c. Downsizing

d. Outsourcing

33. are the names given in common to all persons, places or things of the same class. For example, bank, shop, market, etc.

a. Common nouns

b. Proper nouns

c. Collective nouns

d. Abstract nouns

34. Rearrange the following sentence in the correct order:

i) I bought

ii) a camera at the store

iii) yesterday

iv) to photograph the parade.

Which of the following is the correct sequence?

a. i), ii), iii), iv)

b. iii), i), ii), iv)

c. iv), iii), ii), i)

d. ii), iv), i), iii)

35. Which of the following is not the advantage of the intranet?

a. Cost effective

b. Enhance collaboration

c. Immediate updates

d. Time consuming

Q.NO. Ans Q.NO. Ans.

1 a 21 a

2 a 22 d

3 b 23 a

4 a 24 d

5 c 25 c

6 c 26 c

7 c 27 d

8 b 28 b

9 c 29 d

10 b 30 d

11 c 31 b

12 a 32 a

13 a 33 a

14 b 34 b

15 a 35 d

16 b

17 a

18 c

19 c

20 d

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