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Business communication English language - CSEET 2

1) Words of same sound is ?

A) Soundnyms

B) Antonyms

C) Homonyms

D) None of these

Answer C

2) Sounding the same but spelt differently ?

A) Symphonious

B) Homophonous

C) Synonyms

D) Saminymous

Answer B

3) Choose the correct answer ?

A) My friend has got a new job.

B) My friend has got a new work.

C) My friend is got a new job.

D) My friend did got a new job.

Answer A

4) Choose the correct sentence.

A) Do you like a glass of water ?

B) Would you like a glass of water ?

C) Would you like the glass of water ?

D) Do you like the glass of water ?

Answer B

5) Antonym of Ad-lib ?

A) Improvise

B) Extemporized

C) Deliberate

D) Spontaneous

Answer C

6) Antonym of Imperil ?

A) Safeguard

B) Endanger

C) Hazard

D) Jeopardise

Answer A

7) Antonym of Inscrutable ?

A) Baffling

B) Obvious

C) Confuse

D) Reduce

Answer B

8) Antonym of Licentious ?

A) Continent

B) Confused talk

C) Clear

D) Close

Answer A

9) Antonym of Rabid ?

A) Frantic

B) Sober

C) Chaos

D) Vulgar

Answer B

10) Antonym of Ravenous ?

A) Greedy

B) Very Hungry

C) Assuaged

D) None of these

Answer C

11 : Bolt from the blue


2.A complete surprise

3.Inform something bad

4.No idea

Answer : B

12. Blue blood

a. belonging to low class society

b. give complain in written

c. member of high class society

d. complaint given verbally

Answer : C

13. Life is not a bed —- roses. A. with B. of C. for D. off

Answer : B

14. The work was completed —– sunset. A. for B. in C. at D. about

Answer : C

15. My father will retire from service —– a year. A. of B. on C. in D. by

Answer : C

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