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1. The number of key elements in the communication process is :

a) Five

b) Six

c) Seven

d) Four

Answer C

2. Which of the following are examples of oral communication?

a) Meetings, memos and presentations

b) Meetings, memos and performance reviews

c) Meetings, presentations and performance reviews

d) Reports, presentations and performance reviews

Answer C

3. All the following are external stakeholders of an organization, except:

a) Media

b) Government

c) Suppliers

d) Shareholders

Answer D

4. Communication with superiors involves:

a) Problem solving

b) Disciplinary matters

c) Welfare aspects

d) Public relations

Answer A

5. Another name for dialogic listening is :

a) Empathetic listening

b) Therapeutic listening

c) Relational listening

d) Active listening

Answer C

6. Writing style can be improved through use of :

a) Jargon

b) Slang

c) Simple words

d) Metaphors

Answer C

7. One advantage of telephone communication is :

a) Good for problem solving

b) Permits use of some non-verbal cues

c) Conveying large amount of information

d) Keeping a permanent record

Answer B

8. Reading refers to which element of the communication process?

a) Encoding

b) Decoding

c) Message

d) Channel

Answer B

9. A meeting called to discuss arrangements for a specific event is called:

a) Progress meeting

b) Task oriented meeting

c) Decision making meeting

d) Information sharing meeting

Answer B

10. The word “memo” is a short form for :

a) Memory

b) Memorizing

c) Memorandum

d) Memoirs

Answer C

11. One disadvantage of the intranet is :

a) Large investment in time and money

b) Encourages grapevine

c) Is inferior to email

d) Not suited for small organizations

Answer A

12. All the following are principles of business letter writing, except :

a) Consideration

b) Directness

c) Precision

d) Ambiguity

Answer D

13. The quality of a report is determined mainly by:

a) The language of the report

b) The visual aspects

c) The length of the report

d) The accuracy of the data

Answer D

14. A resume summarizes the following :

a) Strengths and weaknesses

b) Personality

c) Education and experience

d) Hobbies

Answer C

15. The primary role of a moderator is to:

a) Facilitate the smooth functioning of the GD

b) Keep track of time

c) Announce the GD topic

d) Interfere during the GD

Answer A

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