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CS challenges and future

CS ,is it a great course? Yes, but need to grow to the potential. when ever we interact with students or prospective students of the profession of company secretaries we we face questions or doubts, Whetherthe profession is equally placed with other professions like CA etc. This is not a simple question, it is a worry most the students have. The reason is mainly because most of the people they interact with usually says the learning is tough, the subjects are tough, valuation is tough, no proper classes are available, getting proper training is tough, and last but not the least not able to see many successful company secretaries and many more. But the reality is, if we look CS as a profession and compare with others like CA etc ,the opportunities are there and most of the people are not reaching the right place with right attitude and training. In any of the profession the success is directly related with the efforts we put with proper knowledge. The core problem is, most of the company secretaries or students will compare CA with CS and feel demotivated, as they occupy high positions and we are not able to reach there easily. The main reason for such a positive stature for CA is because their area of practice is comprtively more prone to litigations and of CS not so. So it is natural that people take it lightly. One more reason for such a high stature is, CA's got recognised under most of the laws statutorily but company secretaries it is taking time. These are the real problems which are creating road blocks for the profession. There is a big need for the legislature to understand the necessity of the profession as well the corporate compliance benefit the profession offers in the changing circumstances where failure of big corporates are caused mainly due to compliance issues. It is true that the curriculum of the course is dynamic and most relevant. The quality of education, knowledge sharing and updation are strong pullers of the profession. Regular updates and other efforts from the institute is always create positive impact on the profession. The major advantage CS had is the flexibility of training for one of the toughest course in the industry. The recent steps taken by the institute can create more road blocks as the training requirements are increased from just one year to 24 months. There is a real need to create more meaningful relationships with ministries, corporates, academicians etc to make this beautiful course a great one. Just by educating, the opportunities never come there should be concrete action to make it big. More students should be attracted, more statutory recognitions should be achieved and more flexibility in training should be achieved without losing quality. We need to grow.

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