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CSEET winning strategy

CS Executive Entrance Test is conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India four times in a year to get enrolled for the second level of the examination, CS Executive. Thousands of students appear for this entrance test, from across India. Everyone will agree that failure always create some negative thought in the mind, so no one ever wanted that.

In this article I am trying to explain the strategies one can adopt to pass the entrance in one shot.

First and fore most keep in mind that, there should be complete dedication towards this course and should be decided based on aptitude.

If the student want to clear the entrance in one shot, have to follow a proper plan. A sample plan for the success in the entrance can be

  1. First focus to complete classes in time. It is very important to complete the audio or video classes before starting to work on multiple choice questions and self revision. You need to complete the classes according to the teaching plan.

  2. There is no alternative for regular study according to a plan. Have a daily plan and stick in to it. After completing each chapter, try to work on multiple choice questions and do not deviate from you study plan. Daily five hours needed to score decent score.

  3. Hearing the audios or watching the videos is only first step, working with scribbling note and doubts is also important. Try to clear all doubts. After completing each chapter do a basic revision and then follow that with the next round of revision.

  4. Keep an eye on exam date and do not forget to complete the study in time.

  5. While doing study try to figure out the topics you are strong and weak. Spend more time focus on weak subject, but without sacrificing the time of strong subject.

  6. Try to solve maximum multiple choice questions and maximum pas papers which will be provided by your coaching centre.

Above are some guidelines for the purpose, you may have a better plan yourself, you can focus on that, cracking the examinations in one attempt is very important.

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