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Current affairs CSEET - GK

1. ICICI Lombard Co. Ltd Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

2. ICICI Lombard Established: 2001.

3.  ICICI Lombard Tagline: Quick Easy Smart.

4.  Electronics Sector Skill Council of India Headquarters:New Delhi.

5.  ONGC Videsh Limited Founded: 1965.

6. ONGC Videsh Limited Headquarters: New Delhi.

7. International Dairy Federation Established: 1903.

8. International Dairy Federation Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium.

9.  DRDO Headquarters: New Delhi.

10. UNESCO headquarters: Paris, France.

11.  UNESCO Founded: 16 November 1945.

12. Prime minister of New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern.

13.  Capital of New Zealand: Wellington.

14.  The currency of New Zealand: New Zealand dollar.

15.  Chief of the Naval Staff: Admiral Karambir Singh

16.  Commander-in-Chief of Indian Armed Forces: Ram NathKovind (President of India).

17. Chief of Defence Staff of India: General Bipin Rawat

18.  World Cancer Day: 4th February.

19. Hockey India Founded: 20 May 2009.

20. Hockey India Headquarters: New Delhi.

21.  President of Italy: Sergio Mattarella.

22.  Prime Minister of Italy: Giuseppe Conte.

23.  Capital of Italy: Rome; Currency of Italy: Euro.

24. Securities and Exchange Board of India Founded: 12 April 1992.

25.  Securities and Exchange Board of India Headquarters: Mumbai.

26.  Airports Authority of India Headquarters: New Delhi.

27. Airports Authority of India Founded: 1 April 1995.

28. China Capital: Beijing

29. China Currency: Renminbi.

30.  China President: Xi Jinping.

31.  Prime Minister of Australia: Scott Morrison.

32.  The currency of Australia: Australian dollar.

33.  Capital of Australia: Canberra.

34.  President of the Maldives: Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

35.  Capital of Maldives: Male; Currency of the Maldives: Maldivian Rufiyaa.

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