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what we are discussing in this article is the new circular on amnesty scheme to LLP by MCA.. MCA has issued a circular on 23rd August 2023 in this regard to condonation to LLP on filing of form 3, form 4 and form under section 68 LLP Act 2008. As per the circular of MCA the reason behind this exception is the technical glitches and mismatches of master data, due to which LLPs were not able to file the above forms. With this MCA is granting one time relaxation in additional fees and other actions for delayed filings. one thing we need to understand from this circular, that LLP form 8 note not included in this and do not know the reason behind this.

Under this scheme form 3, form 4 will be processed through straight through processing, other than the cases in which business activities changed.

To ensure structured filing the forms should be filed sequentially. While filing the forms, there will be prefilled data and the LLP should sure he correctness of data while filing.

The amnesty scheme covers pending filings from 01-01-2021 , all pending filings from these dates can be filed without additional fees and for preceding periods the normal penalties will apply.

The amnesty scheme will apply from september 2023 to November 30, 2023. So there will not be any action during this period.

so what we understand from these the MCA is ready to hear and understand the concerns of LLPs and ready to improves the ease of doing and promote proper f

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