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One word substitution - CSEET

1. That which cannot be corrected

(al Impregnable

(b) Immolation

(c) Incorrigible

(d) Ineligible

2. A person who is blamed for the wrong doings of others

(a) Bursar

(b) Captor

(c) Phlegmatic

(d) Scapegoat

The act of speaking

3. Irreverently about sacred things

(a) Atheist

(b) Blasphemy

(c) Bellicose

(d) Defection

4. A person who talks too much 4 of himself

(a) Egoist

(b) Elite

(c) Emetic

(d) Egotist

5. Take away or alter the natural qualities of

(a) Denature

(b) Unadulterated

(c) Authentic

(4) Limpid

6. One skilled in telling stories

(a) Ventral

(b) Fanatic

(c) Raconteur

(d) Tore

7. Fear of Fire

(a) Arsonphobia

(b) Astraphobia

(c) Astrophobia

(d) Arrhenphobia

8. One who is honorably discharged from service

(a) Belligerent

(b) Emeritus

(c) Truant

(d) Mercenar

9. A perception without objective reality

(a) Cynicism

(b) Hallucination

(c) Illusion

(d) Optimism

10. A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy

(a) Callous

(b) Credulous

(c) Gullible

(d) Bohemian

11 A strong blast of wind

(a) Implosion

lb) Trickle

(c) Gust

(d) Mantle

12 Phobia of dogs

(a) Orophobia

(b) Cynophobia

(c) Batrachophobia

(d) Phemophobia

13 One who is new to a profession

(a) Nuance

(b) Pun

(c) Tyro

(d) Vandal

14. A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation

(a) Euphemism

(b) Obituary

(c) Extempore

(d) Soliloquy

15 Easily duped or fooled

(a) Bigot

(b) Gullible

(c) Ridicule

(d) Venerable

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