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Para Jumbles and sentences correction - CSEET Business Communication

Para Jumbles

1. Arrange the sentences

A. Charlotte Bronta's Jane Eyre (1847) is one of the classic nineteenth century novels in English.

B. It describes a love affair between the eponymous heroine, a governess, and her aristocratic master, Rochester.

C. The novel ends with the marriage of Jane and Rochester after Jane has become both professionally and economically independent.

D. Jane's struggle for independence marks the novel as centrally engaged with the oppression of women in nineteenth-century England and with the possibility of their liberation from constricting roles of subservience to their male masters .

<1> ACDB

<2> ACBD

<3> ABDC

<4> ABCD

Answer 4

2. Arrange the sentences

A. But all these latter-day pamphlets, good as they are, fail to reach the excellence of Bob, Son of Battle. It is the best dog story ever written, and it inspires regret that dogs cannot read.

B. During the last half-century, since the publication of Dr. John Brown ' s Rab and his Friends (1858), the dog has approached an apotheosis.

C. One of the most profoundly affecting incidents in the Odyssey is the recognition of the ragged Ulysses by the noble old dog, who dies of joy.

D. Among innumerable sketches and stories with canine heroes may be mentioned Bret Harte ' s brilliant portrait of Boonder; Maeterlinck ' s essay on dogs; Richard Harding Davis ' s The Bar Sinister; Stevenson ' s whimsical comments on The Character of Dogs; Kipling ' s Garm; and Jack London ' s initial success, The Call of the Wild.

<1> CABD

<2> CDBA

<3> CDAB

<4> CBDA

Answer 4

Read the following group of sentences. The 1st and the last sentences are numbered 1 and 6, the rest are numbered P,Q,R,S. Arrange these four sentences in proper order to form a meaningful paragraph/sentence.

3. Youths are the assets and hope of a nation

P. in making India a great

Q. Steeped in old cultural values

R. They can play a vital role

S. democratic, progressive and prosperous country.

6. But equipped with modern scientific knowledge.

  1. SPRQ

  2. PRSQ

  3. RPSQ

  4. QPRS


4. Porcelain became popular at the beginning of the 19th century.

P. In a kin at more than 2372 degree Fahrenheit

Q. Refer to both China and Bisque dolls

R. porcelain is made by firing special clays.

S. porcelain is used generally, to

6. only a few type of clays can withstand such high temperatures

  1. PQSR

  2. QRSP

  3. PRQS

  4. SQRP


5. Arrange the sentences properly

A. Good writers use more verbs.

B. However, it is hard to write without verbs.

C. The reason is that if unnecessary words are reduced, the verb-percentage goes up as a mathematical necessity.

D. So “use verbs? is not really good advice; writers have to use verbs, and trying to add extra ones would not turn out well.






Sentence correction

  1. The small child does whatever his father was done.

A. has done

B. did

C. does

D. had done

E. No correction required

Answer C

  1. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only

A. initials

B. signatures

C. pictures

D. middle names

E. No correction required

Answer A

  1. I need not offer any explanation regarding this incident - my behaviour is speaking itself.

A. will speak to itself

B. speaks for itself

C. has been speaking

D. speaks about itself

E. No correction required

Answer B

  1. The population of Tokyo is greater than that of any other town in the world.

A. greatest among any other

B. greater than all other

C. greater than those of any other

D. greater than any other

E. No correction required

Answer E

  1. He found the gold coin as he cleans the floor.

A. as he had cleaned

B. while he cleans

C. which he is cleaning

D. while cleaning

E. No correction required

Answer D

  1. He is too important for tolerating any delay.

A. to tolerate B. to tolerating C. at tolerating D. with tolerating E. No correction required

Answer A

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