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Study tips for Company Secretary<br>course

Company Secretary course is one of the premier corporate management course with relative difficulty. Most of the students comes up and say that they are confused how do Study the course.

They always doubt that how to study CS course which many aspirants are not able to crack in the first attempt. In this article I am trying to explain the simple ways to crack this course from my experience. We always search for different books on same topic and also try to Google around for answers to the questions or doubts . My friends That is not needed, became that is going to eat more time .

The study materials provided by the Institute is more than sufficient for clearing the examination.

Try to focus on the notes given by your tutor ,as he might have prepared the notes both audio and text after evaluating your strength and weaknesses. So that will be the right one for you.

And follow the study plan given by your coaching Center, if you have one. So the doubt comes , whether coaching is necessary for clearing this examination?

We need to consider that most of the students start this course just after their plus two, and some of them starts after their graduation. If a company secretary was a course which can be passed by anybody, the pass percentage might have been huge.

So the actual pass percentage of 5% or 6% Clearly says that the course is a tough course the valuation is very tough. So it is very important that you need to go to an experienced coaching center, a dedicated coaching centre, where you will be given personalised coaching.

Why I am saying dedicated coaching center, it is only because they will will be coaching only for your course and they will be experts on this course. You need the support of such people to clear this course.

What else we need to do?

We need to read. Reading is one of the habits which can take you into any heights.

To excel in the life of a company secretary, you need to have the most updated information. Reading minimum two newspapers is a must to become a company secretary, and also read Any book on your subjects.

One another problem what is raised by most of the students are the size of the book or the study material provided by The Institute.

My friends, most of the books available in the markets are running into thousands of pages and our Institute compiled all these books into 600 to 1000 pages

It is already proved that learning from this textbook is enough and there is no need for even going for the bare acts.

You need to go through the classes, read the class notes and revise it properly you will be ready for the examination.

When we go through the study material will be tempted to read additional books and different books. But according to me that is not needed at all.

It is very important to note the weightage of each chapter because some chapters have more value than other chapters. So we need to focus our study on to those chapters little more but it doesn't mean that you can skip all other chapters.

We need to go through all the chapters and we need to revise all the chapters but important chapters has to be given little more priority.

And one another question most of the students raised with me is how much time should I study?

If you are preparing for an examination, which is coming after 12 months, it is enough you learn four hours a day minimum.

If you can spend more hours, that would be fantastic. But minimum four hours you need to dedicate for your course or your future.

You should not skip any of the topics and if you don't know any topic, you should talk to your tutor because he is the right person who can advise you and can help you.

With regard to case laws and sections, I will come up with another article.

So focus on your studies have dedication, so that you can win your goal.

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