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Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) – a new attempt by ICSI to increase the quality of t...

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Practical aspects related to UDIN to be noted

 Is UDIN is mandatory for all forms or E forms are exempted As per the notification by the ICSI it is clear that UDIN is mandatory for all report and certificates, except e-forms. So having UDIN for e-forms are not mandatory, it is optional.

 Purpose of UDIN There are two purposes the UDIN supposed to fulfil.

  1. There should be an automatic and permanent verifiable record for all certifications and attestations, a Practicing Company Secretary make.

  2. There should not be any ground or chances for back and postdating of certification as the ICSI system autofill the dates when the filing is happening.

 Fee structure of UDIN and restrictions for taking UDIN At present there are not fees for the generation or registration of UDIN. There are no restrictions or limits in generation of UDIN.

  Need and process of UDIN once and taken and not utilized UDIN once generated but not utilized may be surrendered/ cancelled by the PCS within 7 days of such generation. UDIN becomes important to surrender in case of no use  otherwise the same will be taken in record and counted in the limit fixed for various certification a PCS is authorised to issue.

 Use of UDIN once taken for original in the duplicate certificates UDIN is created for the original documents and the same number has to be mentioned while issuing the duplicate certificate.

 Name of the person on whom the UDIN will be issued in the case of partnership or LLP In case of Partnership Firm/LLP only the signing partner can generate UDIN.

 Information required for generation of UDIN  and the documents to be uploaded to ICSI website for the generation. There are two information required for the generation of UDIN Name of the Company CIN required Also there is no need to  upload any documents on ICSI website to generate UDIN

PROCESS OF CREATING UDINUDIN Generation: The practicing company secretary shall go to the designated website (ICSI.EDU), and create a login id and password by entering the Membership Number, CoP No., Phone No., Email id, AADHAR and Income Tax PAN. (i) The login id would be verified through a computer application. (ii) The UDIN shall be a system generated random alphanumeric number. (iii) No document shall be required to be uploaded Key Points: √ UDIN shall be generated at the time of signing the Certificate/ Report √ UDIN mandatorily be mentioned in the Certificate, Report and documents along with the Certificate of Practice number. √ UDIN shall be shared on registered Email id of the Members or through any other electronic mode. In case of violation Member is liable for action as professionals misconduct under Company Secretaries Act, 1980 r/w first and second schedule to the CS Act, 1980.


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