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Business communication - CSEET series 1

1. A / An is a word that tells or assets something about a person or thing.

a) Verb

b) Adjective

c) Noun

d) Pronoun

2. Which of the following is not a tip for choosing a right word?

a) Simplicity

b) Use of familiar words

c) Choose short words

d) Use of gender biased words

3. are prefixes that support or are for the root word.

a) Opposing Prefixes

b) Supportive Prefixes

c) Negative Prefixes

d) Reversative Prefixes

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions given below them:

The Jataka Stories recount the many previous births of the Buddha in human and animal lives. In all there are 547 stories, originally told by the Buddha to his disciples. They were written down in Pali Language around 400 B.C. and absorbed into the Buddhist Canon not long ago after his death. The stories show the progression of his lives through many incarnations, gradually acquiring the wisdom, selflessness and thoughtfulness which eventually lead to enlightment. In each birth he performed some meritorious deed to bring him spiritual progress. Here is one of his stories.

A hare once lived in the forest with his animal friends, the jackal, the otter and the monkey. The animal respected the hare as he was wise and gentle. One day he said that they should all fast and give whatever food they gathered to whoever needed it. So the monkey found ripe mangoes, the jackal found a Lizard and a pot of milk and the otter found a fish. But the hare could not find any food and vowed that if anyone is hungry, he would offer him his own body. His tremendous vow was heard by the earth herself, who told Sakka, Lord of the devas. He decided to test the hare. Sakka entered the forest disguised as a beggar and asked hare for food.

Please eat my body’ the hare replied without hesitation. So Sakka built fire and the hare willingly ran into the flames. Feeling no pain, he rose up to heaven. In gratitude, Sakka drew an image of hare on the moon for everyone to see and remember the hare’s selfless sacrifice.

4. Jataka stories are related to the previous incarnations of

a) Lord Krishna

b) Mahaveer

c) Dattatraya

d) Gautam Buddha.

5. In which language stories are written?

a) Sanskrit

b) Pali

c) Prakrit

d) Awadhi

6. Sakka entered the forest in disguise of

a) a beggar

b) a monk

c) a fakir

d) a peasant.

7. The Jataka stories were written in a) 400 A.D.

b) 400 B.C.

c) 420 A.D.

d) 420 B.C.

8. Which of the following is not included in the non-verbal communication?

a) Facial expressions

b) Gestures

c) Movements

d) Writing an email

9. is highly centralized type of communication network where each

subordinate receives commands or instructions from a single authority

a) Vertical network

b) Circuit network

c) Wheel network

d) Chain network

10. A planned reduction in the number of employees needed in a firm in order to reduce costs and make the business more efficient is called

a) Downsizing

b) Recruiting

c) Transfers

d) Deputation

1-a 2-d 3-b 4-d 5-b 6-a 7-b 8-d 9-c 10-a

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