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CS Executive - Eligibility and fee

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India offers Company Secretary course, which is considered as one of the leading management professional qualification. There are three stages for this elite course

  1. CS Executive Entrance Test -CSEET

  2. CS Executive

  3. CS Professional

Details about CSEET is already explained via different articles earlier in this site. So we will discuss about CS Executive in this Article.

Eligibility for CS Executive

CS Executive is the second stage of the course, and for a student to enter into the second level, he/she should be

  1. The student should have cleared CS Executive entrance Test OR

  2. The student should have completed successfully graduation programme of any university. OR

  3. The student should be a qualified Chartered Accountant or CMA.

These are the eligibility criteria for the executive programme.

Fee for CS Executive Registration

The CS Executive registration is for 5 years. A student can clear the course within 5 years. This registration is only for CS Executive. The fee details are as follows

  1. Rupess 15,600/- if the student is registering after completing graduation or above.

  2. Rupees 10600/- if the student is registering after CSEET.

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