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Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections: meaning, examples and MCQs

Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections:

Prepositions: Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other elements in the sentence. They often indicate location, direction, time, or the relationship between different elements in a sentence.

Examples of Prepositions:

  1. The cat is under the table.

  2. She walked through the park.

  3. The meeting is scheduled for Monday.

Conjunctions: Conjunctions are words that connect words, phrases, or clauses in a sentence. They play a crucial role in forming cohesive and meaningful sentences by indicating relationships between different parts of the sentence.

Examples of Conjunctions:

  1. She likes both tea and coffee.

  2. He studied hard so he could pass the exam.

  3. The movie was interesting, but it was too long.

Interjections: Interjections are words or phrases used to express strong emotions, often appearing in isolation or at the beginning of a sentence. They convey feelings like surprise, joy, excitement, or frustration.

Examples of Interjections:

  1. Wow! That's an amazing view.

  2. Ouch! That hurt.

  3. Yay! We won the game.

10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections:

1. What is a preposition?

  • A. An action word

  • B. A describing word

  • C. A word that connects words or phrases

  • D. A word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other elements in a sentence

Answer: D

2. Identify the preposition in the sentence: "She sat on the chair."

  • A. She

  • B. sat

  • C. on

  • D. chair

Answer: C

3. What is a conjunction?

  • A. An action word

  • B. A describing word

  • C. A word that connects words, phrases, or clauses

  • D. A word that shows emotion

Answer: C

4. In the sentence "He likes both tea and coffee," what is the conjunction?

  • A. likes

  • B. both

  • C. tea

  • D. and

Answer: D

5. Choose the interjection in the following: "Wow! That's incredible!"

  • A. That's

  • B. Wow

  • C. incredible

  • D. That

Answer: B

6. What is an interjection used for?

  • A. Connecting words

  • B. Expressing strong emotions

  • C. Showing relationships

  • D. Describing nouns

Answer: B

7. Which option contains a preposition?

  • A. and

  • B. both

  • C. under

  • D. but

Answer: C

8. Identify the conjunction in the sentence: "She worked hard, yet she didn't succeed."

  • A. She

  • B. hard

  • C. yet

  • D. succeed

Answer: C

9. What is the purpose of a preposition in a sentence?

  • A. Expressing strong emotions

  • B. Connecting words

  • C. Showing relationships

  • D. Joining clauses

Answer: C

10. In the sentence "Ouch! That hurt," what is the interjection?

  • A. Ouch

  • B. That

  • C. hurt

  • D. That's

Answer: A

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