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What is Pronoun? Pronoun Examples with MCQs for CSEET

A pronoun is a word that replaces or represents a noun in a sentence. It helps avoid repetition and adds fluidity to language. Pronouns simplify communication by referring back to a noun that has already been mentioned.

Examples of Pronouns:

  1. Personal Pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, they

  • Example: She is going to the store.

  1. Demonstrative Pronouns: this, that, these, those

  • Example: I prefer these over those.

  1. Relative Pronouns: who, whom, whose, which, that

  • Example: The person who called is waiting.

  1. Interrogative Pronouns: who, whom, whose, which, what

  • Example: What are you doing?

  1. Indefinite Pronouns: everyone, somebody, nobody, all, some, any

  • Example: Everybody loves a good story.

  1. Possessive Pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs

  • Example: The car is mine.

10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Pronouns:

1. What is a pronoun?

  • A. An action word

  • B. A describing word

  • C. A word that replaces or represents a noun

  • D. A joining word

Answer: C

2. Identify the pronoun in the sentence: "John and he went to the store."

  • A. John

  • B. he

  • C. and

  • D. store

Answer: B

3. Which is a demonstrative pronoun?

  • A. me

  • B. this

  • C. whom

  • D. somebody

Answer: B

4. In the sentence "The book that you lent me was fascinating," what is the pronoun?

  • A. The

  • B. book

  • C. that

  • D. you

Answer: C

5. Choose the interrogative pronoun in the following: "Whose turn is it?"

  • A. turn

  • B. it

  • C. Whose

  • D. is

Answer: C

6. What type of pronoun is 'myself'?

  • A. Personal pronoun

  • B. Demonstrative pronoun

  • C. Reflexive pronoun

  • D. Relative pronoun

Answer: C

7. Which option contains an indefinite pronoun?

  • A. someone

  • B. this

  • C. hers

  • D. they

Answer: A

8. Identify the possessive pronoun in the sentence: "The cat licked its paws."

  • A. cat

  • B. licked

  • C. its

  • D. paws

Answer: C

9. What is the antecedent of a pronoun?

  • A. The word replaced by the pronoun

  • B. The gender of the pronoun

  • C. The plural form of the pronoun

  • D. The pronunciation of the pronoun

Answer: A

10. Which of the following is a personal pronoun in the objective case?

  • A. I

  • B. me

  • C. he

  • D. she

Answer: B

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