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Abbreviations CSEET

1 A.M. Ante Meridiem (before noon) 2 AAA Asian Athletics Association 3 AAFI Amateur Athletics Federation of India 4 AAPSO Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organisation 5 AASU All Assam Students Union 6 ABM Anti Ballistic Missile 7 AC Alternate Current OR Air Conditioner 8 ACC Ancillary Cadet Core 9 AD Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus) 10 ADB Asian Development Bank. 11 AIDS Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome 12 AIFE All India Football Federation 13  AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Sciences 14 AIL Aeronautics India Limited 15AIMPLB All India Muslim Personal Law Board 16 AIR All India Radio (Broadcasting) 17AITUE All India Trade Union Congress 18. AM Anti Meridian (Before Noon) 19 ANC African National Congress 30 APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 31 APSC Army Postal Services Core 32 CAD Command Area Development 33 CAG Comptroller and Auditor General 34 CARE Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere 35 CASE Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy 36 CBI Central Bureau of Investigation 37 CBSE Central. Board of Secondary Education 38 CCEA Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs 39 CCS Cabinet Committee on Security 40 C-DAC Centre For Development of Advance Computing 41 CDMA Code Division Multiple Access 42 ESMA Essential Services Maintenance Act 43 EVM Electronic Voting Machine 44 EXIM Bank Export-Import Bank of India 45 FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation 46 FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA) 47 FBTR Fast Breeder Test Reactor 48 FCI Food Corporation of India / Fertilizer Corporation of India 49 FDR Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) 50 FERA Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 51 FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act 52 FICCI Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry 53 FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board 54 FIR First Information Report 55 FRS Fellow of the Royal Society 56 FTII Films and Television Institute of India 57 FTZ Free Trade Zone 58 GAIL Gas Authority of India Limited 59 GATT General Agreement on Tariff and Trade 60 GIC General Insurance Corporation 61 GMT Greenwich Mean Time 62 IDPL Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited 63 IFA Indian Football Association 64 IFCI Industrial Finance Corporation of India 65 IFFI International Film Festival of India 66 IFFCO Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative 67 IFTU International Federation of Trade Unions 68 IIPA Indian Institute of Public Administration 69 IIS Indian Institute of Sciences 70 IISCO Indian Iron and Steel Company 71 IIT Indian Institute of Technology 72 KG Kinder Garten 73 LASER Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation 74 LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India 75 LLB Bachelor of Law 76 LLM Master of Law 77 LMG Light Machine Gum 78 LoC Line of Control (Pakistan) 79 LoAC Line of Actual Control (China) 80 LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas 81 LSD Lysergic acid diethylamide 82 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 83 NCW National Commission for Women 84 NCCR National Council for Civil Right 85 NCERT National Council of Educational Research & Training 86 NDA National Defence Academy 87 NDDB National Dairy Development Board 88 NDF National Defence Fund. 89 NEERI National Environment Engineering Research Institute 90 NEFA North-East Frontier Agency 91 NEPA National Environment Protection Authority 92 NFDC National Film Development Corporation 93 NFL National Fertilizer Limited 94 NHRC National Human Rights Commission 95 NICO New Information and Communication Order 96 NIDC National Industrial Development Corporation 97 NIIT National Institute of Information Technology 98 NIMHANS National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro- Sciences 99  RTO Regional Transport Officer 100 SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation 101 SAC Space Application Centre 102 SAFTA South Asian Free Trade Agreement 103 SAI Sports Authority of India 104 SAIL Steel Authority of India Limited 105 SAPTA South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement 106 SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 107 SC Security Council/Supreme Court 108 SCI Shipping Corporation of India 109 SCOPE Standing Conference of Public Enterprises 110 TRIPS Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights 111 TTE Travelling Ticket Examiner 112 TTFI Table Tennis Federation of India 113 TWA Trans World Airlines (USA) 114 UDC Upper Division Clerk 115 UFO Unidentified Flying Object 116 UGC University Grants Commission 117 UHT Ultra High Temperature 118 ULFA United Liberation Front of Assam 119 UNASUR Union of South American Nations (Spanish: Unión de Naciones Suramericanas) 120 UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade andDevelopment 121 UNDP United Nations Development Programme 122 UNEF United Nations Emergency Force 123 UNEP United Nations Environment Programme 124 UNESCO United Nations Economic Social and Cultural Organisation 125 UNFPA United Nations for Population Activities 126 UNHCR United Nations High Commission for Refugees 127 UNI United News of India 128 UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund 129 UNO United Nations Organisation 130 UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 131 WPI Wholesale Price Index 132 WTO World Trade Organisation 133 WWF World Wild Life Fund for Nature 134 WWW World Wide Web 135 YMCA Young Men's Christians Association

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