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All about BSc course

After plus two most of the students and parents find it difficult to select which course they have to take for their graduation. Science, commerce or arts, the choice is difficult, but bright students automatically select BSc. It doesn’t mean , others are not bright, it means it has become a convention.

Let us try to understand about this course.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) is an undergraduate degree course usually of three years duration. It is one of the most popular course choices among Science or maths students after Class 12th. Full form of BSc is Bachelor of Science (Latin- Baccalaureus Scientiae)

To make a career in science, maths or technology this course is considered as a foundation course. It is offered in a wide varieties of Science subjects at most of the universities in India. Some of the popular BSc courses that students usually choose to pursue after Class 12th are BSc Physics, BSc Computer Science, BSc Chemistry, BSc Biology, BSc Mathematics, BSc Animation, BSc Agriculture and so on.

A BSc course can be pursued as both a full-time or part-time course but usually this course is done full form. Students can choose to pursue Regular BSc or BSc (Honours). The course is advisable for students who have a strong interest and background in Science and Mathematics. The course is also beneficial for students who wish to pursue multi and inter-disciplinary science careers in future.

1. Regular BSc . Course: These courses include the traditional BSc . courses. These are mentioned below:

  1. BSc . (PCM)

  2. BSc . (Physics)

  3. BSc . (Chemistry)

  4. BSc . (Math’s)

  5. BSc . (Zoology)

  6. BSc . (Statistics)

  7. BSc . (Botany)

  8. BSc . (Home Science)

2. Professional BSc . Courses: These are the professional job oriented course, which include.

  1. BSc (Agriculture)

  2. BSc (Animation)

  3. BSc . (Aquaculture)

  4. BSc . (Aviation)

  5. BSc . (Biochemistry)

  6. BSc . (Bioinformatics)

  7. BSc . (Computer Science)

  8. BSc . (Dietetics)

  9. BSc . (Electronic)

  10. BSc . (Fashion Technology)

  11. BSc . (Food Technology)

  12. BSc . (Forensic Science)

  13. BSc . (Forestry)

  14. BSc . (Medical Technology)

  15. BSc . (Microbiology)

  16. BSc . (Multimedia)

  17. BSc . (Nautical Science)

  18. BSc . (Nursing)

  19. BSc . (Nutrition)

  20. BSc . (Physiotherapy)

  21. BSc . (Psychology)

  22. BSc . (Genetics)

  23. BSc . (Information Technology)

  24. BSc . (Interior Design)

Students opting for these branches have good job opportunities.


  1. The admission to the various BSc . courses are done on the basis of qualifying class 12thexaminations in (PCM/B ) stream.

  2. Candidates must have passed/appearing in the class 12th can apply for the BSc programmes as per their choice and preference.


The admission to the BSc courses is based on Class 12th mark percentage. In the case of some universities there will be entrance examinations for admission.

Some professional BSc . courses like fashion technology, interior design, multimedia, animation allow the students of other stream (other than science) to take admission.

Some public and private college also conducts examinations for the admission to various BSc . degree courses.

PG Courses After BSc

BSc graduates have a wide variety of options available in terms of topics, subjects, & field . They have an option to pursue a post graduation degree in their respective field. Students can also join non-science master degree courses such as animation, management, journalism, computer technology, etc after the completion of BSc degree.

Career & Jobs:

Just like an academic courses, students who have a BSc degree also have an excellent employment opportunities. Jobs for BSc graduates are not just restricted in the field of science but also they can explore others areas like management, engineering, law etc.

After the completion of the BSc course, students can work in various areas which include both science & non-science fields.

The job opportunities available for the students are not only great in terms of salary package, but also a satisfying job experience.

There are various opportunities available for the students after BSc the students can go in a research field, in some colleges the students are recruited directly by the big organizations at a very good salary package, some professional BSc courses like animation and IT open the door of animation and IT industry for the graduates, the other professional BSc field also have vast career opportunities. Apart from the research jobs, students can also work or get jobs in Marketing, Business & Other technical fields. Science graduates also recruited in the bank sector to work as customer service executives. Students can also find employment in government sectors.

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