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Amazon - changing business dynamics, to offer broadband with own satellites.

1994 marked the launching of Amazon, promoted by Jeff Bezos, which today is one of the largest e-commerce giant and a cloud computing giant. Amazon never started as is now, it is the result of continuous  development and fine tuning. The first intention of Amazon was to sell books through its websites. The first business is still they do but with a big change, selling books and reader through Kindle, worlds largest e-book reader. The company changed its forms over this period, from a book seller to a website which sells and ships anything under the sun. It now sells movies, music  and everything. Amazon also a have cloud based services arm which supports billions of business users across the globe. It is also a major player in consumer electronics by offering devices as well through Alexa, the Artificial Intelligence assistant service. Alexa now being used in to majority of electric and electronic devices ranging from refrigerators and cars.

Ironically, no offence, Amazon also have received two Golden Globes awards. The founder of the Amazon, Bezos put his business philosophy as "Focus on long-term customer loyalty over short term profits and never-ending expansion into new businesses. One of the main reason for the success of the business empire is he and his group kept their philosophy unchanged and put all efforts to that. Amazon always tried to improve its efficiency. They have started Prime Now service which guarantee products delivery in just two hours and is planning to  deploy own fleet of drones, autonomous aerial vehicles that will deliver packages under a fixed value.

The irony is that, when Amazon motivates all to use its electronic platform to market their products, in 2015 they themselves started its first book store and now expanding along with its grocery shops. Now Amazon started a new initiative called Project Kuiper to build a network over 3000 satellites to provide internet access to the subscribers. According to different filings made by the company with International Telecommunication Union, the project is aimed to cater to people globally with basic internet services.

Final view Till today, Mr Jeff Bezos and his company proven to the world that if you focus with one philosophy and fine tune it based on the changing time, and if willing to update, you can only win. First asking people to sit at home to purchase now Amazon try to provide end to end service for the same, from internet to app to delivery. In contrast to the same, now with his own company, if the customers are bored of sitting home and shopping, Amazon asking the customers to come and shop at its shops world over.


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