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Career planning - need

career Planning is considered to be one of the important aspect of a students life . Most of the time I have seen that this is an aspect which has given least importance. When I was doing campus trainings / class room classes, I have realised that , students have selected most of the courses based on

  1. It seems to be easy .

  2. Somebody has told .

  3. My parents suggested.

  4. my classmates are going for it concept.

  5. Coaching is available only for this in my place.

  6. Some thing is better than nothing concept.

Do you really feel that this should be the way of selecting our future ?

Most of the people I meet on their fourties or fifties have conveyed their feelings that this was not the life they aimed , and they are not happy of doing it, but doing it for the sake of doing.

If the same thing shouldn’t be repeated on the coming generations, proper care should be taken. From my experience of interacting with thousands of students at various level of their study, I came to a conclusion that learning should not be opportunity based rather it should be more attitude and aptitude based. It will help a young student to plan and achieve what he loves.

To achieve the above goal there should be a planred action at least the moment the student reaches their eighth class. There should be continuous sessions on

  1. Career awareness

  2. Career options enlightenment

  3. Aptitude assessment and fine tuning

  4. Assisted goal setting

  5. Fine tuning habits / hobbies

The approach should not be a one time activity , It should be a continuous focused approach till the student complete 10th class.

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