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Career planning - Start early and be focused

Students usually rely on their respective interests when they want to take their college and career decisions. It is here where the importance of relating their academic developments to their academic achievement is important. Most of the school management and parents are not giving proper attention to this area, which is causing concern.

When you compare Tier 1 cities with Tier II and III cities, the situation is more grimmer. In Tier I cities, many schools are having regular career workshops and programmes. To a certain extent, parents are also aware of the need of providing career oriented guidance to students. But the situation in Tier II and III cities are alarming. Schools are teaching students as a purely academic exercise, without focusing on its practical use in life. Career awareness programmes, aptitude tests, attitude tests, career plans etc takes back seat.

The need of the hour is the education system which provides for

  1. Academic achievement

  2. Creating career interests

  3. Educational planning based on career interests.

There should be a proper plan to understand when the students begin thinking about their career interests. This usually happens the moment the student reaches eight grade, where the students starts to see possible career dreams. Initially the interest development will be on major areas like

  1. Information technology

  2. Technical careers

  3. Scientific careers

  4. Management careers

  5. Government jobs , and the like.

Researchers across the globe agree on one point, that, career interests develop through experience.  High schools are the best place where the focus should be equally given to academic and focused career planning.

So to conclude we can say that, career planning is not an exercise we need to do after getting the job, it should be started in the school days to be successful in life.

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