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Communication skills CSEET MCQs

1) Anyone who talks communicates a message. False

2) Disturbance/distractions in the environment are a result of physical noise. True

3) A report usually has descriptive, expository or narrative sentences. True

4) A sales letter is an advertisement. True

5) A participant in a group discussion should try to dominate the discussion. False

6) The resume to be enclosed with an application letter need not give the details of academic qualification, achievements and experiences. False

7) Feedback must always be carefully interpreted. TRUE

8) Communication is the exchange of ideas. TRUE

9) The encoder is the receiver of ideas. FALSE

10) Input is another word for channel. FALSE

11) Feedback is the message sent by the decoder to the encoder. TRUE

12) Communication is the transmission of verbal and nonverbal ideas, feelings and attitudes that produces a response. FALSE

13) The channels of communication are vertical, horizontal and diagonal. TRUE

14) The vertical channel of communication is used much more frequently in most organisations than the horizontal channel. TRUE

15) Effective speaking rests on three pillars - verbal, visual and vocal. TRUE

16) Kinesics is the spatial nonverbal language. FALSE, PROXEMICS

17) Data transmission through email is both instantaneous and costeffective. TRUE

18) For success of communication, it is necessary to make audience analysis and to adapt the message to their goals, interests and needs. TRUE

19) In the context of business communication, a presentation refers to a talk by a designated speaker. FALSE

20) Email communication can be stored and retrieved as and when required by the sender only. FALSE

21) The objective of any communication is just to receive or convey a message.TRUE

22) Informal communication takes place beyond organizational hierarchy. TRUE

23) The main purpose of a seminar is to share knowledge and to get the viewpoints of equally informed persons. TRUE

24) The guiding principle of writing collection letters is to collect and amount and lose the customer. FALSE

25) Upward and downward flows of messages constitute vertical communication. True

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