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Company secretaries MCQs - cseet


1. Which is the only recognized professional body in India to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India..

Ans: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)

2. What is the main motive of ICSI.

Ans: To develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India.

3. When did ICSI set up.

Ans: It is a premier national professional body set up under an act of Parliament, the Company Secretaries Act, 1980.

4. How do ICSI functions.

Ans: ICSI functions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

5. What did the institute provides.

Ans: The Institute provides top-quality education to the students of Company Secretaries (CS) Course and best quality set standards to CS Members.

6. How many members and students are on the roll of ICSI.

Ans: At present, there are more than 50,000 members and about 4, 00,000 students on the roll of ICSI.

7. Where are the Headquarters of ICSI, and how many chapters across India.

Ans: ICSI has its headquarters at New Delhi, four Regional Offices at New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and over 70 Chapters across India.

8. What are the initiatives of Government of India .

Ans: ICSI has been contributing to the initiatives of Government of India that have potential to excel the social-economic growth of India.

9. What is vision as per ICSI.

Ans: To be a global leader in promoting Good Corporate Governance.

10. What is Mision as per ICSI.

Ans: To develop high calibre professionals facilitating good Corporate Governance.

11. What is Motto as per ICSI.

Ans: Speak the Truth, Abide by the Law.

12. What is Core Values.

Ans: Core values are the expression of beliefs, followed by an individual, group or community in their personal or professional behavior, individually or collectively.

13. What are the Core Values ,The ICSI identifies for itself and its members . Ans: The ICSI identifies for itself and its members the following core values:

• Integrity

• Ethics

• Reliability

• Ownership

• Being ‘stakeholder-centric’

14. What is Integrity.

Ans: Integrity may comprise the personal inner sense of wholeness deriving from character, courage and consistency. As integrity conveys a sense of wholeness and strength, members shall be guided by a set of core principles that will empower them to remain consistent with high standards, viz compassion, dependability, generosity, honesty, openness, transparency, loyalty, maturity, objectivity, trust, and wisdom.

15. What is Integrity as per ICSI.

Ans: The ICSI’s vision to be a global leader in promoting Good Corporate Governance is a promise to the nation. It casts upon the ICSI and the profession of Company Secretaries a huge responsibility to deliver upon this promise, with objectivity and integrity as core values. There is no middle path to integrity.

16. What is the meaning of word Integrity.

Ans: Etymologically, the word ‘integrity’ derives from the Latin word ‘integer’ which means whole or complete.

17. What is the meaning of the term Ethics.

Ans: The term ‘ethics’ has its origin from a Greek word “ethos”, which means character or custom- the distinguishing character, moral nature or guiding beliefs of a person, institution or a group.

18. What is Ethics.

Ans: ‘Ethics’ in its simplest form means possessing a sense of right and wrong. Whatever is conscientiously right is ethical; whatever is not, is unethical. In other words, ethics is the sense of right and wrong, coupled with a desire to do good in some measure for someone.

19. What is Ethics as per ICSI.

Ans: The ICSI has been built on the principle of ethics and its members continuously strive to promote ethical practices, and hold the profession in high esteem, which is integral to maintaining quality and reputation of both, the ICSI and its members.

20. How Being ‘stakeholder-centric’ work for ICSI.

Ans: The ICSI, its members and the Team ICSI pledge to uphold the established principles of professional ethics, values and standards and will always promote honesty and transparency in their behaviour, practices and processes.

21. What is Reliability

Ans: Reliability is an assurance of quality of service and commitment.

22. How Reliability works for ICSI.

Ans: Reliability is a core value reinforced by stringent processes specially focusing on quality of service, predictability and reliability. The values are an intrinsic component of work culture and sustainable growth. Quality and predictability through commitment and value-added services is what would be the strongest USP of the ICSI and its members. We shall continuously build on reliability as our core value for it is the sum total of quality service to our stakeholders.

23. What is Ownership.

Ans: Ownership is synonymous with responsibility, accountability and empowerment. “Ownership being one of our core values, we believe that it will reduce risk, increase efficiency and contribute to goodwill, reputation and brand image of the Institute and the profession. We shall uphold this at all times.”

24. Describe Ownership.

Ans: The idea of ownership is much more than simply a willingness to accept own criticism, deficiency or oversight. It is more about setting one’s priorities, placing rightful obligations on others as high as obligations to self. To be responsible is to always do the right things in the eyesof valued stakeholders and the public at large. It is to value the trust and confidence stakeholders put in them. It is about commitment to keep a promise or make right some unintentional wrong, even when it is inconvenient to do so.

25. What is Being Stakeholder-Centric.

Ans: Stakeholder is our most valued constituency when it comes to being able to achieve our goals. We believe in constant stakeholder consultation and in translating their aspirations into achievable goals. We take pride in having a transparent and stakeholder focused approach in having a trustworthy and collaborative relationship with them.

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