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Company Secretary course - why it is promising?

Company Secretary course is such a course which is getting more and more visible day by day. Entire world is shifting from profit motive to governance motive, which means once it was presumed that profitability is the barometer of success, but after the Companies Act 2023, and similar enactment across the globe the priority is shifting from profitability to corporate governance, which means corporates need to focus more on how they conduct the company rather than the profit and loss account.

In this regard , corporations need to focus on their regulatory compliances, social responsibility, environmental responsibility etc to make the corporate sustainable for generations. So there is really a gain of momentum where the regulators are focusing on governance areas along with making the corporate profitable.

Securities Exchange Board of India, in its latest move created a separate trading segment carved out of main board, called, NSE PRIME, where the best governed companies with more governance responsibilities only will be allowed to list. Various regulations of the stock market regulator made it compulsory for continued listing, compliance certificates from company secretaries.

Companies Act 2013 also highlighted the importance of governance. University Grant Commission recognised the qualification for National Eligibility test, IIMs have recognised this qualification for various doctoral programmes with terms and conditions.

So we can say the future of the company Secretaries are bright enough, but only if, you are uptodate and updated. Theoretical study may not make you the best, but a good understanding about the practical applications of the theory is needed. Proper mentorship is needed for making a student from an ordinary stone to a diamond. Be ready for several cutting, grinding and polishing, if you want to be a Company secretary.

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