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CSEET revision mcps set 5

Paper 1 : Business Communication

1. Which of the following is not a requisite to develop better comprehension ability?

a. Logical ability

b. Fluency

c. Inference power

d. Argument power

2. Which of the following author has defined “Business communication is the expression, channelling, receiving and interchanging of ideas in commerce and industry.”?

a. Brennan

b. Rosenblatt

c. W. H. Newman and C. F. Summer

d. Elihu Katz

3. When the communication takes place among co-workers in verbal or written form, it is known as?

a. External Business Communication

b. Horizontal/Lateral Business Communication

c. Grapevine Communication

d. Chaotic Communication

4. Which of the following is the final step in the process of communication?

a. Decoding

b. Receiver

c. Feedback

d. Communication channel

5. The writer should try to grasp all the relevant facts and arrange them logically and systematically to incorporate them into the body of the letter pertains to which of the following essentials of a good business letter?

a. Completeness

b. Clarity

c. Simplicity

d. Accuracy

Paper 2 : Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

6. Which Article of the Constitution of India provides the definition of State?

a. Article 4

b. Article 12

c. Article 15

d. Article 31

7. The legal maxim Damnum sine Injuria means:

  a. Damage without Legal Injury

b. Legal injury with damage

c. No damage No injury

d. Damages are followed by injury

8. How many minimum number of persons are required to create a contract:

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4


9. Look at the series, which number will come next 1, -10, -65, ?

  1. -130

b. -260

c. -340

d. -440

10. Choosetheoddone:

  a. Dexterous

b. Adroit

c. Nimble

d. Vapid

Paper 3 : Economic and Business Environment

11. Which of the following methods of measuring national income measures the contribution of each producing enterprise in the domestic territory of the country?

a. The Income Method.

b. The Product Method or Value Added Method.

c. The Expenditure Method

d. The Turnover Method

12. Which of the following formula to be used for computing GDP at Factor Cost?

  1. Net value added / Depreciation

b Net value added x Depreciation

c. Net value added – Depreciation

d. Net value added + Depreciation

13. Government’s expenditure on defence, interest payments, and subsidies, among others are included under which of the following?

a. Plan Revenue Expenditure

b. Plan Capital Expenditure

c. Non-Plan Capital Expenditure

d. Non-Plan Revenue Expenditure

14. Which of the following NBFCs carries on as its principal business the financing of physical assets supporting productive/economic activity, such as automobiles, tractors, lathe machines, generator sets, earth moving and material handling equipments, moving on own power and general purpose industrial machines?

a. Investment Company

b. Loan Company

c. Infrastructure Finance Company

d. Asset Finance Company

15. Which of the following financial instruments / assets allow the investors to claim unpaid dividends of the years in which dividend could not be paid due to insufficient profit?

a. Equity shares

b. Cumulative Preference Shares

c. Participating Preference Shares

d. Debentures

Paper 4 : Current Affairs and Quantitative Aptitude

16.Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Odisha?

a. Kalraj Mishra

b. RK Sinha

c. Raghubar Das

d. Ashok Khemka

17. In which of the following states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India's first regional rail Namo Bharat RapidX?

a. Uttar Pradesh

b. Haryana

c. Maharashtra

d. West Bengal

18. The Union Cabinet has recently approved the creation of which new autonomous body?

a. 'Mera Bharat, Mera Desh'

b. 'Mera Yuva Bharat'

c. 'Mera Gavn, Mera Desh'

d. 'Yuva Desh'

19. What is the name given to the operation launched to bring back Indians stranded in Israel?

a. 'Operation Vijay'

b. 'Operation Samrat'

c. 'Operation Ganga'

d. 'Operation Ajay'

20. With whom has Skill India partnered for Retailer Skill Development Programme?

a. Reliance Jio

b. Tata Steel

c. Coca-Cola India

d. Tech Mahindra

21. A number is multiplied 50 and divided by 250 and comes out to be 1000. What was the original number?

a. 50

b. 500

c. 5000

d. None of these


22. What is 4% of 50% of 50% of 9000?

a. 70

b. 80

c. 90

d. 100

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