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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

  1. Who chaired the 13th BRICS Summit virtually? a. Narendra Modi b. Vladimir Putin c. Jair Bolsanaro d. Xi Jinping

  2. Baby Rani Maurya has submitted her resignation to President Ram Nath Kovind. She is the Governor of which state? a. Uttar Pradesh b. Madhya Pradesh c. Uttarakhand d. Haryana

  3. Who became the first IAS officer to win a Paralympic medal? a. Sumit Antil b. Suhas Yathiraj c. Devendra Jhajharia d. Krishna Nagar

  4. Former SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar has been appointed as the economic advisor of which Indian state? a. Madhya Pradesh b. Karnataka c. Andhra Pradesh d. Telangana

  5. Which Indian spacecraft has completed 9000 orbits around the Moon? a. Chandrayaan-2 b. Chandrayaan-1 c. Mangalyaan d. None of the Above

  6. Which three nations have been admitted as new members of New Development Bank? a. UAE, France, Australia b. UAE, Bangladesh, Uruguay c. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh d. Canada, UK, Australia

  7. Dr. Firdausi Qadri was named as one of the five winners of the 63rd Ramon Magsaysay Awards. She belongs to which nation? a. Pakistan b. Bangladesh c. Indonesia d. Sri Lanka

  8. Who has become the first Indian woman to win gold at Paralympics? a. Bhavina Patel b. Avani Lekhara c. Rubina Francis d. Rubina Francis

  9. Which state launched Save Water to Get Free Water scheme? a. Karnataka b. Kerala c. Goa d. Telangana

  10. When will the BH series number plate be introduced? a. September 20th, 2021 b. September 15th, 2021 c. September 25th, 2021 d. September 30th, 2021

  11. Who among the following has been elected as New Chief Minister of Gujarat? a. Nitin Patel b. Bhupendra Patel c. Mansukh Mandaviya d. Anandiben Patel

  12. Senior BJP leader Kalyan Singh passed away at 89. He was served twice as the Chief Minister of which state? a. Uttar Pradesh b. Himachal Pradesh c. Bihar d. Madhya Pradesh

  13. Which country has become the second-most attractive manufacturing hub after China? a. India b. France c. Bangladesh d. Malaysia

  14. RBI has introduced Financial Inclusion Index (FI-Index). What is the base year of FI-Index? a. 2014 b. 2005 c. 1947 d. No base year

  15. What name has India given to its operation to evacuate citizens from Afghanistan? a. Operation Himmat b. Operation Shakti c. Operation Bharat d. Operation Devi Shakti

1 a 2 c 3 b 4 c 5 a 6 b 7 b 8 b 9 c 10 b 11 b 12 a 13 a 14 d 15 d

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