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Current affairs CSEET Part 2 2023

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Q1. Which will be the theme Country at the 2025 Madrid International Book Fair?

Ans: India

Q2. _____ is the theme country at the 46th International Kolkata Book Fair.

Ans: Spain

Q3. Who is appointed as the First CEO of Gujarat Maritime Cluster?

Ans: Madhvendra Singh

Q4. K.V. Tirumalesh was awarded with which award?

Ans: Sahitya Akademi

Q5. K. Vishwanath has received which awards?

Ans: Dadasaheb Phalke Award

Q6. India welcomes ____ into International Solar Alliance.

Ans: The Republic of Congo

Q7. _____ is India's first supplier of parts for nuclear turbines.

Ans: Azad Engineering

Q8. Which country announces the decision to remove its monarchy from its banknotes?

Ans: Australia

Q9. Nagaland Government Signed MoU with ______ for Palm Oil Cultivation?

Ans: Patanjali Ayurveda

10. Which public sector has launched a ‘Pay As You Drive’ vehicle insurance policy?

Ans: New India Assurance

Q11. Which ministry inaugurated G20 Cyber Security Exercise and Drill?

Ans: Ministry of Electronics and InformationvTechnology

Q12. When is the International Day of Human Fraternity is celebrated?

Ans: 4th February

Q13. Foxconn and _____ plan tech tie-up with STM for the Semiconductor Manufacturing unit in India.

Ans: Vedanta

Q14. Which company has invested around $300 million in Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup whose technology is said to rival OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT?

Ans: Google

Q15. SpaceX is owned by whom?

Ans: Elon Musk

Q16. Which country is to host football's 2027 Asian Cup?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

Q17. NASA partners with _____ to build AI foundation models to advance climate science

Ans: IBM

Q18. Where is India's Fifth Nano Urea Plant located?

Ans: Jharkhand

Q19. What is the theme of International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 2023?

Ans: Partnership with Men and Boys to transform Social and gender Norms to End FGM

Q20. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the world's first nano urea plant in ____ in 2021.

Ans: Gujarat

Q21. Which Indian female gymnast has been handed a 21- month ban for failing a dope test conducted by the International Testing Agency?

Ans: Dipa Karmakar

Q22. _____ Appointed Raul Rebello as MD and CEO Designate

Ans: Mahindra Finance

Q23. Which company in India has accepted digital currency for payments?

Ans: Reliance Retail

Q24. Which three countries established trilateral cooperation initiatives, in fields including Energy,

Defence, and Economy

Ans: India, France, UAE

Q25. Who emerged as the World's most popular leader with a 78% rating?

Ans: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Q26. ________ and the European Union (EU) announced the formation of three working groups under the ‘Trade and Technology Council’

Ans: India

Q27. Which country has been designated as the "Pioneer Investor" by the International Seabed Authority?

Ans: India

Q28. Which state has the highest unemployment rate in India as of January 2023?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

Q29. Which is the new competitor AI Chatbot introduced by Google of ChatGPT?

Ans: Bard

Q30. _____ becomes the first civic body to launch green bonds.

Ans: Indore

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