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1. Which of the following is not covered under the classification of banks in India?

a. Commercial Banks

b. Indigenous Money Lenders

c. Small Finance Banks

d. Payment Banks

2. No change in fashion is assumption of which law of economics?

a. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

b. Law of Demand

c. Law of Supply

d. Law of Variable Proportions

3. Salaries, subsidies and interest payments of government are covered under which of the following?

a. Capital Expenditure

b. Miscellaneous Expenditure

c. Imputed Expenditure

d. Revenue Expenditure

4. A is one when there is no change produced in the demand of a product with change in its price.

a. Perfectly Elastic Demand

b. Unitary Elastic Demand

c. Perfectly Inelastic Demand

d. Relatively Elastic Demand

5. From the following information, calculate Personal Income. Private Income = INR 2000 crore

Undistributed Corporate Profits = INR 500 crore Taxes on Profits = INR 300 crore

a. INR 2800 crore

b. INR 1200 crore

c. INR 2300 crore

d. INR 2000 crore

6. Calculate private income from the following data.

Contents ` (in crores)

Net current transfers from the rest of the world 10

Private final consumption expenditure 600

National debt interest 15

Net exports - 20

Current transfers from the government 5

Net domestic product at factor cost accruing to the government 25

Government final consumption expenditure 100

Net indirect tax 30

Net domestic capital formation 70

Net factor income from abroad 10

a. 735 crores

b. 750 crores

c. 790 crores

d. 800 crores

7. Ease of Doing Business Report is prepared by which of the following organisation?

a. United Nations Organisation (UNO)

b. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

c. World Bank

d. Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

8. The elements like growth, employment, inflation and interest rates would be covered under which macro-environment factor?

a. Economic

b. Social

c. Technological

d. Political

9. Which of the following is not the affiliated office of Ministry of Corporate Affairs?

a. Competition Commission of India

b. Serious Fraud Investigation Office

c. Central Statistics Office

d. Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs

10. Which of the following is the implementing agency of Pre-Departure Orientation Program (PDOT )Program?

a. Industrial Finance Corporation of India

b. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

c. National Skill Development Corporation

d. Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India

1 b 2 b 3 d 4 c 5 b 6 a 7 c 8 a 9 c 10 d

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