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How to clear CSEET in first attempt?

CS Executive Entrance Test is the first step towards a huge career as company secretary. Company secretary enjoys a bigger role and status in the corporate world. It is a statutory qualification and is approved as post graduate equivalent by University Grant Commission, and is approved as one of the basic qualification for doing PHD from Indian Institute of Management.

Students who are aspiring to become company secretaries and have not qualified as graduates or equivalent have to appear for a national entrance called CSEET and clear to proceed to CS Executive, the challenge to become Company secretary.

Through earlier posts, I have explained about the entrance and syllabus, in this article I am trying explain, how to crack the exam in first attempt.

One of the common mistakes done by most of the students, is going ,their own. Self study is not crime, but we also need to understand that this is the first step for a bigger profile, so a guided approach is important for great start. Various sources are available for learning, but a focused coaching is advisable.

First and foremost is to attend classes regularly and learn. As most of the students are just out from senior secondary classes, it is important to learn the basics of the course. It is important to learn from the leaders, who have experience.

In the case of Artha Gurukulam we have regular classes and regular tests to test the efficiency of the student. We provide chapter wise, topic wise, importance wise notes to the students.

Artha Gurukulam conducts periodical mock tests to enable to students to prepare

Pass CSEET in 1st Attempt: Giving Mock Tests periodically will help students to get familiar with style of examination or attempting the actual question paper. As this is now an online paper and which can be given by sitting at home also, hence it can be a bit difficult for students to create examination type atmosphere at home. But with the mock tests they can also assess their speed of solving questions and can also ascertain the accuracy level used in the performance.

Practicing with thousands of multiple choice questions are made possible by Artha Gurukulam.

Reading newspapers is also will help to improve the understanding of current will help the student to score 30 marks in entrance.

Self practice is very important for the students to clear the course as well as their success.

So practice to your maximum so that you can become a member of the Institute of Company secretaries of India.

If you are an aspiring company secretary, you can contact Rajeev’s ArthaCS, so that you will get personalised coaching at most reduced costs.

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