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Indian Constitution - provisions adapted from other countries

As you aware the Constitution of India, is a federal constitution with some unitary feature. Our constitution is one of the largest written constitution in the world. Most of the features of the constitution is adapted or adopted from other constitutions.

Here we are trying to understand, from where various provisions of the constitutions are adapted.

Government of India Act, 1935

  1. Service Commission

  2. Federal structure

  3. Judiciary Power Division

  4. Office of Governor

United States of America

  1. Fundamental Rights

  2. Supreme Court

  3. Impeachment process of Supreme Court and High Court Judges

  4. Independence of Judiciary and judicial review

  5. Preamble

  6. Impeachment of President

  7. Office of Vice-president

  8. Written Constitution


  1. Appointment of State Governors by Center

  2. Distribution of powers between centre and the states. Residuary Powers with the centre.


  1. Preamble and Fundamental Duties

  2. Five Year Plan


  1. Directive Principles of State Policy

  2. Method of Election process of the President and Nomination of members in Rajya Sabha by the President


  1. Writs and Bicameralism

  2. Office of the CAG

  3. Cabinet system of Ministers

  4. Bicameral Parliamentary System

  5. Single Citizenship

  6. Rule of Law

  7. Legislation

  8. Speaker in Lok Sabha


  1. Procedures established by law (functioning of Supreme Court)


  1. Emergency provisions and suspensions of Fundamental Rights during Emergency


  1. Provision regarding Trade and Commerce

  2. Concurrent List

  3. Joint sitting of Parliament

South Africa

  1. Amendment Procedure of the Constitution

  2. Indirect election of members of the Rajya Sabha

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