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Indian Contract Act 1872 MCQs

1. Which of the following is a valid offer

a. proposal made jokingly

b. declaration of Intention

c. intention to create legal relation

2. An agreement enforceable by law is

a. Promise

b. Contract

c. Offer

3. An offer is made to Mr Akhilesh in a crowd, then

a. only he can accept that offer

b. anyone from crowd can accept that offer

c. he cannot accept

4. Communication of an offer is complete when

a. the proposer makes the offer

b. offeree accepts the offer

c. offeree comes to know of offer

5.Acceptance can be

a. Expressed

b. Implied

c. Both a and b

6. An advertisement regarding sale is

a. an offer

b. an invitation to the offer

c. an intention to offer

7. An acceptance can precede offer

a. False

b. True

C. Both

8. The contract entered by a lunatic person during the lucid period is

a. valid

b. void

c. voidable

9. A minor is a person

a. below 16 years

b. below 18 years

c. below 21 years

10. Mental pressure is exercised in case of

a. fraud

b. misrepresentation

c. undue influence

11. Advertisements inviting Tenders are

a. Offer

b. Invitation to Offer

c. Acceptance

12. When two people make identical offers to each other in ignorance of each others offer is called

a. Counter Offer

b. Implied Offer

c. Cross Offer

13. Consideration can be in

a. Cash

b. Kind

c. Both

14. A minor who enters into a contract during Minority can

a. not ratify the same on attaining the age of Majority

b. ratify the same on attaining the age of Majority

c. choose to ratify or not on attaining the age of Majority

15. Which of the following is not disqualified by Law to enter into a contract

a. Convict

b. Insolvent

c. Foreign national

16. A person is legally of sound mind provided he is

a. able to understand the terms of contract

b. can form a rational judgement

c. both a &b

17. In case of act of coercion, the act is forbidden by

a. Indian Contract Act.

b. Indian Penal Code.

c. Indian Constitution.

18. Mistake of fact can be of

a. Only unilateral facts

b. only Bilateral fact

c. Both

19. When consent to a contract is not free

a. contract is voidable

b. contract is void

c. contract is illegal

20. Misrepresentation is a false statement made

a. intentionally

b. innocently

c. rationally

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