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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

1. Article of Indian Constitution discusses the concept of Right to equality.

a. Article 5

b. Article 11

c. Article 12

d. Article 14

2. Which of the following is called 'Mini Constitution'?

a. Government of India Act, 1935

b. 42nd Constitutional Amendment

c. 44th constitutional amendment

d. Government of India Act, 1919

3. In which year, Article 370 of Indian Constitution is abrogated? a. 2016

b. 2017

c. 2018

d. 2019

4. Every promise and every set of promises forming the consideration for each other

a. A proposal

b. An offer

c. An agreement

d. None of above

5. Which of the following are the functions of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India?

a. Conduct of elections to the Council of the Institute

b. Regulation of Training of the Students

c. Examination of the Student

d. All of the above

6. Under which of the following articles of constitution of India, president can impose presidential rule in a state?

a. Article 355

b. Article 352

c. Article 356

d. Article 360

7 The Vision of Socio-Economic change through the Constitution is reflected in its

a. Preamble

b. Fundamental Rights

c. Fundamental Duties

d. Directive Principles of State Policy

8. The Constitution of India came into force on

a. 26th January, 1949

b. 26th January, 1950

c. 15th August, 1947

d. None of the above

9. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?

a. Right to Equality

b. Right to Freedom of speech and expression

c. Right to Marriage

d. Right to Constitutional Remedy

10. The word Socialist is added by

a. 39th Amendment

b. 42nd Amendment

c. 44th Amendment

d. None of the above

11. Tort is the species of

a. Criminal Wrong

b. Breach of Contract

c. Civil Wrong

d. Moral Wrong

12. Motto of ICSI is

a. Speak the Truth

b. Abide by Law

c. Speak the Truth, Abide by the Law

d. None of the Above

13. Who among the following has been given rights to legislate on residuary subjects?

a. State government

b. Central government

c. Both central and state governments

d. President

14. Which Article in the Constitution provides guidelines for amending the Preamble?

a. Article 30

b. Article 200

c. Article 368

d. Article 256

15. In a standardized contract:

a. The individual has no choice but to accept and sign on the dotted line.

b. The individual must be protected in contract.

c. The agreement is without consideration.

d. None of the above

16. An agreement not enforceable by law is called

a. Void agreement

b. Valid agreement

c. Voidable agreement

d. None of above

17. Which of the following interests is not protected by the law of tort?

a. Loss of commercial profit due to competition

b. Reputation

c. Physical safety

d. Peaceful enjoyment of one's land

18. Which one of the following protects personal liberty?

a. Prohibition

b. Mandamus

c. Habeas Corpus

d. Quo Waranto

19. Look at this series: 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, … What number should come next?

a. 22

b. 26

c. 23

d. 20

20. Choose the word which is not similar to the other words in the group.

a. Bonnet

b. Fender

c. Dashboard

d. Dock

21. What is next in the series - 1, 4, 8, 13, , 26

a. 15

b. 19

c. 20

d. 21

22. Pointing towards a girl, Amit said, “She is the daughter of only son of my grandfather”. How is the Amit related to the girl?

a. Brother

b. Uncle

c. Cousin

d. Father

23. A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is the lady related to the man?

a. Mother

b. Sister

c. Daughter

d. Aunt

24. Choose the word which is least like the other words in the group.

a. Coconut

b. Castor

c. Mustard

d. Barley

25. A and B are brothers. C and D are sisters. A’s son is D’s brother. How is B related to C.

a. Father

b. Brother

c. Uncle

b. Grandfather

26. Choose the most meaningful sequence for the following words.

1. Income 2. Birth 3. Job 4. Marriage 5. School a. 1, 4, 2, 3, 5

b. 2, 5, 3, 1, 4

c. 3, 1, 2, 4, 5

d. 3, 5, 1, 4, 2

27. Choose the word which is not similar to the other words in the group.

a. Car

b. Cycle

c. Scooter

d. Airplane

28. RAP, MAP, HOT FUN, ?

a. HNE

b. PGI

c. STN

d. CAT

29. Suresh, the son of Mahesh is married to Sia, whose sister Jia is married to Amar, the brother of Suresh. How is Jia related to Mahesh?

a. Daughter in law

b. Cousin

c. Sister in law

d. Sister

30. A person who is the husband of my son's sister is my

a. Nephew

b. Son-in-law

c. Son

d. Brother

31. Which word does NOT belong with the others?

a. Tyre

b. Steering Wheel

c. Car

d. Engine

32. Safe: Secure :: Protect :

a. Lock

b. Guard

c. Sure

d. Conserve

33. Which word does NOT belong with the others?

a. Index

b. Glossary

c. Chapter

d. Book

34. A and B are young ones of C. If C is the father of A, but B is not the son of C. How are B and C related?

a. Daughter and Father

b. None of these

c. Newphew and Uncle

d. Niece and Uncle

35. Choose the word which is not similar to the other words in the group.

a. Dashboard

b. Dock

c. Fender

d. Bonnet

Q.NO. Ans. Q.NO. Ans

6 c 26 b

7 a 27 b

8 b 28 d

9 c 29 a

10 b 30 b

11 c 31 c

12 c 32 b

13 b 33 d

14 c 34 a

15 a 35 b

16 a

17 a

18 c

19 a

20 d

1 d 21 b

2 b 22 a

3 b 23 b

4 c 24 d

5 d 25 c

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