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Legal terms, Phrases and Maxims for Cseet Part 3

Legal terms, Phrases and Maxims are usually precise shorter words or sentences which can provide larger meanings. Some of the words mentioned in different places denotes entirely different meanings.

In this series we are trying to provide such legal terms, phrases and maxims and for more you can always be in touch with me.

• C.l.F. - Cost, insurance, fright. The cost of goods includes these items.

• Cabinet - Advisory council to an executive officer especially the President.

• Canon - A Rule or principle, which is accepted as fundamental.

• Capital - Punishable by execution, involving the death penalty.

• Case - A proceeding, action, suit or controversy at law or in equity.

• Case law - The collection of reported cases that from to body of law within a given jurisdiction.

• Casualty - A serious or fatal accident.

• Cause - Something that produces an effect or result.

• Caveat - A warming or proviso.

• Censure - An official reprimand or condemnation harsh criticism.

• Cess - An assessment, tax or levy.

• Charge - A formal accusation of a crime made by the police in the charge sheet.

• Charity-Aid given to poor

• Chattel - An instrument by which a governmental entity grants rights, liberties to citizens.

• Chattel - Movable property.

• Cognizance - Judicial knowledge. Thus to take cognizance of an offence is to bring to the knowledge of law enforcers of to proceed.

• Commutation - Conversion ) - The change of a penalty of penalty of punishment from a greater to a less punishment.

• Compensation - The money awarded as damages in case of breach of civil right of person by another person

• Condemnation - The pardoning of an offence.

• Confiscate - To appropriate private property to the public treasury by way of penalty.

• Consanguinity - Price for the promise to do something. Every contract requires consideration to be legally enforceable.

• Conveyance - A written document transferring ownership of land from one person to another.

• Convict - A person found guilty of an offence and punishments awarded against him.

• Copyright - It is exclusive right by virtue of Copyright act subject to provisions of other law.

• Coroner - An officer who inquires into any violent or unnatural death.

• Costs - Expenses of proceedings or suit in the Court.

• Court- A person or a group of persons or judges with authority to hear and decide disputes by interpreting and applying law.

• Covenant - an agreement in writing between two persons, whereby, one is agreeing to do or not to do something

• Crime - An illegal conduct which is harmful to a person or persons or to society as a whole and which is punishable by the state by different laws. This is an act of commission or omission entailing punishment by law.

• Criminal - One who has committed a criminal offence; one who has been convicted for a crime.

• Criminology - This refers to a science that deals with crimes as well as criminals.

• Culprit - A person or charged with the commission of a crime; A person who is guilty of crime.

• Caveat: warning

• Caveat actor: Let the doer be on his guard.

• Caveat emptor: Let the buyer be aware.

• Caveat venditor: Let the seller be on his guard.

• Conjugal rights: The rights of either spouse of a marriage, which include the right to each other's consortium company, cohabitation (sexual intercourse), and maintenance during the


• Citation: Quoting a precedent.

• Clemency: Pardon or mercy.

• Consensus ad idem:

• Counterfeit: False or imitation.

• Countermand: To countermand an order i.e. to say that an order must be carried out.

• Coup: Rapid change of government which removes one government by force and replace it by another.

• Covenant: Agreement or undertaking to do something or not to do something.

• Causa causans - The immediate cause.

• Causa celebre - A celebrated case or notorious case in Law.

• Causa sine qua non - Factor essential to the occurring of event

• Caveat venditor - Let the seller beware

• Compos mentis - Of sound mind.

• Consensus as idem - Agreement as to the same thing

• Contra pacem - Against the peace.

• coram - In the presence of.

• Corpus delicti - The substance of the crime

• Caup d'etat - Violent or lillegal change

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