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Legal Terms, Phrases and Maxims for CSEET Part 6

Legal terms, Phrases and Maxims are usually precise shorter words or sentences which can provide larger meanings. Some of the words mentioned in different places denotes entirely different meanings.

In this series we are trying to provide such legal terms, phrases and maxims and for more you can always be in touch with me.

• Fact-Finding - Process of taking evidence to determine the truth about a disputed point.

• Fair - Impartial; just; equitable, disinterested.

• Fair-warning - The requirement that a criminal statute define an offence with enough

precision. So that a reasonable person can know what conduct is prohibited.

• Femicide - The killing of a woman.

• Feticide - An act or instance of killing a fetus, by assaulting the mother.

• Fiat - A command

• Fiduciary - A relationship based on trust or good faith.

• File - A courtcomplete and official record of a case.

• Fine - Another form of punishment, a payment of money for penalty.

• FIR - First information Report of grievance which is given to police.

• Floor - A legislature's central meeting place where the members sit and conduct business.

• Forbearance - The act of refraining from enforcing a right, obligation or debt.

• Force - An act of physical interference with the person or property of another.

• Foreclosure - Ordinarily, when the land is mortgaged, the mortgagor retains the right to redeem his land after payment of the sum which he has borrowed. This is called equity of redemption. Foreclosure means that the mortgagor has been unable to pay the money. In such circumstances, the mortgagee gets a right to foreclose the mortgage, and sell the mortgaged property in satisfaction of the debt. Any balance goes to the mortgagor.

• Forfeiture - Forfeiture is the divestiture of specific property without compensation in consequence of some default or act forbidden by law.

• Forgery - An act of fraudulently making a false document or altering a real one to be used as if genuine.

• Frivolous - Lacking a legal basis or legal right.

• Frustration - Prevention or hindering of the attainment of a goal, such as contractual performance.

• Fugitive - A person who flees or escapes. –

• Factum probanda: Fact in issue, which is to be proved.

• Factum probans: Relevant fact.

• Fiduciary: Fiduciary relationship are those relationships which are based on faith and trust. The relationships between doctor and patient, lawyer and client, teacher and students, and husband and wife are fiduciary relationships.

• Fagrante delicto: In the commission of an offence. Literally means to be caught red handed.

• Factum probantia - Facts which are given in evidence to prove other facts in issue.

• Factum - An act or deed; a statement of the fact of a case.

• Fait accompli - A thing that has been done or decided, leaving those affected with no option but to accept.

• Faux pas - Tactless mistake.

• Flagrante delicto - In the commission of the offence.

• Functus officio - Having discharged his duty.

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