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Logical reasoning Percentage questions -CSEET

Q1) What percent of a day in 6 hours?

A. 23%

B. 52%

C. 48%

D. 25%

ANS: “D”

Q2) The population of of a town is 176000. If it increases at the rate of 5% per annum, what will be it’s population 2 years hence?

A. 194004

B. 194440

C. 194040

D. 194104

ANS: “C”

Q3) The length and breadth of a rectangle are increased by 20% and 30%. The area of the resulting rectangle exceeds the area of the original rectangle?

A. 53%

B. 65%

C. 256%

D. 56%

ANS: “D”

Q4) Sugar contain 5% water. What quantity of pure Sugar should be added to 10 litres of water to reduce this to 2%.

A. 7 lit

B. 15 lit

C. 10 lit

D. 5 lit

ANS: “B”

Q5) The price of a fan is decreased by 20%. As a result of which the sale increased by 40%. What will be the effect on the total revenue of the shop?

A. 21%

B. 10%

C. 12%

D. 30%

ANS: “C”

Q6) 45% of ? = 25% of 355

A. 197.22

B. 176

C. 127

D. 197

ANS: “A”

Q7) Out of 500 students of a school 35% students plays football, 25% plays cricket and 20% neither play football nor cricket. How many students play football and cricket ?

A. 180

B. 100

C. 200

D. 94

ANS: “C”

Q8) Fresh vegetables contains 70% of water and dry vegetables contain 20% of water. How much dry vegetables can be obtained from 100kg of fresh vegetables?

A. 37.5

B. 37

C. 33

D. 40

ANS: “A”

Q9) If Hari height is 30% less than that of Mithun. How much percentage Mithun height is more than that of Hari?

A. 42.58%

B. 42.8%

C. 42.83%

D. 42.85%

ANS: “D”

Q10) The population of a city is increased 5% ,7% and 11% in the last three years. What will be the present population if the population of a town is 2,40,000 three years ago?

A. 2,99,600

B. 2,99,500

C. 2,99,400

D. 2,99,300

ANS: “D”

Q11) 500 pencils were distributed equally among children in such a way that the number of pencils received by each child is 20% of the total number of children. How many pencils did each child receive?

A. 45

B. 50

C. 55

D. 43

ANS: “B”

Q12) One type of liquid contains 20% water and the second type of liquid contains 35% water. A glass filled with 8 parts of the first liquid and 5 parts of the second liquid. The water percentage in

the new mixture is

A. 25.75

B. 25.76

C. 25.67

D. 25.56

ANS: “B”

Q13) If the radius of the circle is increased by 5% then the area is increased by

A. 10.20

B. 10.22

C. 10.24

D. 10.25

ANS: “D”

Q14) In an election a candidate who got 25% of the total votes polled was defeated by his rival by 270 votes. Assuming that there were only 2 candidates in the election, the total number of votes polled was

A. 400

B. 500

C. 440

D. 540

ANS: “D”

Q15) The population of a town is 16500. During the last 3 years, the population increased at the rate of 20% per year. The population 3 years ago was

A. 9546

B. 9547

C. 9548

D. 9549

ANS: “D”

Q16) The passing marks in an examination is 40%. If Rama gets 88 marks and is declared failed by 10 marks, then the maximum mark in the examination is

A. 240

B. 242

C. 245

D. 246

ANS: “C”

Q17) From the salary, Mubarak spent 15% for house rent, 5% for children’s education and 15% for Entertainment. Now he left with Rs.13,000. His salary is

A. 19,000

B. 20,000

C. 18,000

D. 15,000

ANS: “B”

Q18) In an examination 30% of the students failed in Science, 45% of the students failed in Maths and 25% of the students failed in both subjects. Find the % of the students passed?

A. 60%

B. 30%

C. 45%

D. 50%

ANS: “D”

Q19) The salary of a workers increased by 15% and decreased by 7%, What % change rises in his salary?

A. 10%

B. 7%

C. 5%

D. 8%

ANS: “B”

Q20) In an examination, 30% of the maximum marks required to pass. A student get 120 marks and failed by 90marks. Find the maximum marks

A. 800

B. 720

C. 650

D. 700

ANS: “D”

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