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National Income MCQ - CSEET Economics

1. which one of the following is the most appropriate method to measure the economic growth of a country ?

a. National Income National product

C.. Gross capital formation

d. Gross domestic product.

Ans D

2. which of the following situation prepares the national income estimates in India?

a. planning commission

b. RBI

c . central Statistical department

d. Indian statistical Institute

Aus. c

3. which of the following Sectors is the major contributor towards the gross domestic Savings in India in recent time ?

a. Public Secfor

b. Private sector

c. corporate sector

d. House hold sector.

Ans - d.

4. National income is often estimated as

a. NDPFc




Ans- d

5- National income refers to

a. facto incomes only

b. Income of only normal residents of the country.

C. The sun total of domestic income and net facfor income from abroad

d. All of these

Ans: d

6.Domestic product is equal to

a National product + net face for income from abroad

b. National product _ Net factor income from abroad.

C. National noodach_ net factor income from abroad

d. National product x netfactor income from abroad

Ans - b.

7. The difference between national and domestic income is that of inddirect taxes factor income from abroad

c. consumption of fixed capital

d. Both (a) and (b)


8. financial help to a victim is

a. Transfer payment

b.factor income

c net factor income from abroad.

d. None of these

Ans - a

9- which of the following item not an element of finaI comamphion expenditure. ?

a. House hold expenditure on food.

b. Government final comumption expenditure.

C. Home hold expenditure on education

d. expenditure on raw material.

Ans - d

10. As a result of double counting, national income is

a. over estimated

b. under estimated

C. correctly estimated

d. Not estimated for the entire Year of accounting.

Ans. a

11- Remittance from relative working abroad are

a. Included in the national income.

b. Not included in the national income.

c . Transfer payments.

d. Both (a) and (b)

Ans. d.

12, own account production of goods is included in national income because

a. Goods are tangible

b. Their valuation is possible.

C. hoods are more productive than sevices

d. None of these.

Ans. b

12.value added refers to

a_ production Of durable goods.

b. output- intermediate consumption

C. production of non durable Goods.

d. expenditure on intermediate goods.

Ans. b.

13- problem of double counting can be avoided by using

a. final output method.

b.Value added method.

C. Both ( a ) and (b)

d. Neither ( a ) and (b)

Ans. C

14 . Macroeconomics is concerned with

a. aggregate and average of entire economy.

b. income of individual.

C. profit on organisation

d. All of the above

Ans- a

15. The terms national income can be interchangeably used with

a- National Dividend

b. National output

C. National expenditure

d. All of the above

Ans. d

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