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Vocabulary MCQs for CSEET

  1. Identify the correctly spelt word: (a) Occasion (b) Occassion (c) Ocassion (d) Occasoin

  2. The abbreviation ‘E&OE’ stands for: (a) Errors and Omitted Errors (b) Expected and Omitted errors (c) Errors and Omissions excepted (d) Exceptions and omissions encountered.

  3. The proverb “apparel often proclaims the man” means : (a) Clothes are everything (b) You judge a man’s worth by his clothes (c) Apparels are expensive (d) None of the above.

  4. Fax is the abbreviation of: (a) Fascimile (b) Fascile (c) Fascicle (d) Fiscal

  5. What does the idiom ‘to split hairs’ mean? (a) Argue on major points (b) Argue on minor points (c) Not to argue (d) Brainstorming

  6. ‘Expired’ is a synonym of: (a) Illegal (b) Lapsed (c) Dishonoured (d) Matured

  7. Who is called a ‘Connoisseur’ ? (a) One who gives friendly help (b) One who performs gymnastic feats (c) An expert judge in the matter of taste (d) A member of royal family of taste

  8. A word opposite to another word: (a) Antonym (b) Synonym (c) Homophones (d) Idiom

  9. err is human, forgive is divine. (a) One (b) To (c) Into (d) From

  10. Who is philanthropist? (a) One who gives friendly help (b) One who is master of his words. (c) One who is dissatisfied and inclined to rebel (d) One who seeks to promote the welfare of others especially by donating money for good causes.

  11. Which one of the following is the antonym of the word ‘bankrupt’? (a) Solvent (b) Despair (c) Expensive (d) All of the above

  12. What is meant by ‘ab initio’? (a) List of additions (b) From the Orgin (c) From the beginning (d) According to value

  13. The expression ‘to formally put an end to’ means: (a) Abolish (b) Abandon (c) Excerpt (d) None of the above

  14. The Latin word ‘Bona fide’ means: (a) Stranger (b) In good faith (c) Colleague (d) None of the above

  15. A person chosen by disputing parties to settle their differences is called: (a) Agent (b) Partner (c) Arbitrator (d) Owner

  16. The process by which green plants prepare their own food is known as: (a) Photosynthesis (b) Symbiosis (c) Perspiration (d) Bio chemistry

  17. One who calculates insurance and annuity premium is known as — (a) Investor (b) Insurer (c) Actuary (d) Atheist

  18. A remedy for all diseases or difficulties is called: (a) Panacea (b) Concrete (c) Numismatics (d) Philistine.

  19. The quality of expressing much in few words is known as: (a) Exigency (b) Brevity (c) Apprises (d) None of the above.

  20. The place where an aeroplane is housed is known as: (a) Shed (b) Yard (c) Cold storage (d) Hangar.

  21. A person who seeks to promote the welfare of poor by donating money is known as: (a) Benefactor (b) Philanthropist (c) Collaborator (d) Ornithologist.

  22. The Latin phrase mutatis mutandis stands for: (a) With the necessary changes (b) A way of doing something (c) A deadlock (d) Privilege entails responsibility.

  23. The term ‘subjudice’ means: (a) Not to be considered by judiciary (b) Under judicial consideration (c) Prohibited by law (d) None of the above.

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