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Abbreviations - CSEET English Business Communication- Part 3 - M to S


MA :- Master of Arts

MAIT :- Manufacturer’s Association of Information Technology

MAPP :- Madras Atomic Power Project

MASER :- Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

MBA :- Master of Business Administration

MBBS :- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

MCA :- Master of Computer Application

MCC :- Melbourne Cricket Club

MCF :- Master Control Facility

MCOCA :- Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act

MD :- Doctor of Medicine

MECL :- Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited

MEET :- Mission for Extension of Educational Technology

MENAS :- Middle East Navigation Aids Service

MERC :- Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission

METO :- Middle East Treaty Organization

MFALA :- Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labour Agency

MFALS :- Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Liberation Scheme

MFN :- Most Favoured Nation

MI :- Military Intelligence

MIGA :- Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MISA :- Maintenance of Internal Security Act

MIT :- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MLA :- Member of Legislative Assembly

MLC :- Member of Legislative Council

MMDS :- Multiple Microwave Distribution System

MMTC :- Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation

MNAMS :- Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences

MNC :- Multi National Corporation

MNLF :- Moro National Liberation Front

MPLS :- Micro Protocol Label Switching

MPLANDS :- Member of the Parliament Local Areas Development Scheme

MRTPC :- Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice Commission

MRTS :- Mass Rapid Transport System

MSA :- Maritime Safety Agency

MST :- Multi System Transmission

MTCT :- Mother to Child Transmission

MTCR :- Missile Technology Control Regime

MODVAT :- Modified Value Added Tax

MULTA :- Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam


NABARD :- National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development

NACO :- National AIDS Control Organization

NADAMS :- National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System

NAEP :- National Adult Educational Programme

NAFED :- National Agricultural and Marketing Federation

NAFEN :- Near and Far East News

NAFTA :- North American Free Trade Agreement

NANAP :- Non-Aligned News Agency Pool

NAPP :- Narora Atomic Power Plant

NASA :- National Aeronautic and space Administration

NASDAQ :- National Association of Security Dealer’s Active Quotation

NASSCOM :- National Association of Software & Service Companies

NATO :- North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBCC :- National Building and Construction Corporation

NBCW :- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

NBPGR :- National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources

NBTB :- National Biotechnology Board

NBER :- National Bureau of Economic Research

NCA :- Nuclear Command Authority

NCAER :- National Council for Applied Economic Research

NCB :- Narcotics Control Bureau

NCCF :- National Consumers Cooperative Federation

NCDA :- National Coal Development Authority

NCDC :- National Cooperative Development Corporation

NCERT :- National Council of Educational Research and Training

NCFSE :- National Curriculum Framework for Secondary Education

NCPEDP :- National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

NCRA :- National Centre for Radio Astrophysics

NCRB :- National Crime Record Bureau

NCSTC :- National Council for Science and Technology Communication

NCW :- National Commission for Women

NCCR :- National Council for Civil Right

NDA :- National Defense Academy

NDDB :- National Dairy Development Board

NDF :- National Defense Fund

NDPDC :- National Drugs and Pharmaceutical Development Council

NEA :- National Environment Authority

NEERI :- National Environment Engineering Research Institute

NEEPCO :- North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited

NEFA :- North East Frontier Agency

NEPA :- National Environment Protection Authority

NEXST :- National Experimental Supersonic Transport

NFDC :- National Film Development Corporation

NFIW :- National Federation of Indian Women

NFL :- National Fertilizer Limited

NFSIT :- National Venture Fund for Software and Information Technology

NGRI :- National Geophysical Research Institute

NHPC :- National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

NHRC :- National Human Rights Commission

NIC :- National Integration Council / National Informatics Centre

NICD :- National Institute of Communicable Diseases

NIDC :- National Industrial Development Corporation

NIEO :- New International Economic Order

NIIT :- National Institute of Information Technology

NIMHANS :- National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Science

NITIE :- National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering

NLFT :- National Liberation Front of Tripura

NLOT :- National Large Optical Telescope

NMDC :- National Mineral Development Corporation

NMDS :- National Missile Defense System

NMEP :- National Malaria Eradication Programme

NMHC :- National Material Handling Council

NOAA :- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOIDA :- New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

NPB :- Nuclear Power Board

NPC :- National Productivity Council

NPCC :- National Project Construction Corporation

NPCIL :- Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

NPL :- National Physical Laboratory

NPP :- National Population Policy

NPT :- Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NRAI :- National Rifle Association of India

NRC :- National Reconstruction Core

NRDC :- National Research and Development Corporation

NREP :- National Rural Employment Programme

NRI :- Non Resident Indian

NSA :- National Security Act

NSC :- National Security Council / National Savings Certificate

NSCN :- National Socialist Council of Nagaland

NSS :- National Service Scheme

NSSO :- National Sample Survey Organization

NSSTC :- National Space Science and Technology Centre

NSTL :- National Science and Technological Laboratory

NSTEDB :- National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board

NTC :- National Textile Corporation

NTES :- National Train Enquiry System

NTPC :- National Thermal Power Corporation


OAPNA :- Organization of Asia and Pacific News Agency

OAU :- Organization of African Unity

OCS :- Overseas Communication Service

OECD :- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OEEC :- Organization for European Economic Cooperation

OGL :- Open General License

OIL :- Oil India Limited

OK :- All Correct

OIGS :- On India Government Service

ONGC :- Oil and Natural Gas Commission

OMSS :- Open Market Sale Scheme

OPEC :- Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPPI :- Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India

OSCE :- Organization of European Security Council


PACS :- Primary Agricultural Credit Society

PAFNA :- Pan African News Agency

PATA :- Pacific Asia Travel Association

PCI :- Press Council of India

PCS :- Provincial Civil Services

PEO :- Programme Evaluation Organization

Ph.D. :- Doctor of Philosophy

PIB :- Press Information Bureau

PIN :- Postal Index Number

PIOC :- Persons of Indian Origin Card

PGIMR :- Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research

PLA :- Peoples Liberation Army

PLO :- Palestine Liberation Organization

PLOTE :- Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Elam

PMSSY :- Pradhan Mantari Swasthya Suraksha Yojna

PM :- Post Meridian / Prime Minister

PMLA :- Peoples Movement for Liberation of Angola

PNR :- Passanger Numerical Record

POTA :- Prevention of Terrorism Act

PSLV :- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PSI :- Population Service International

PTI :- Press Trust of India

PTO :- Please Turn Over

PTCT :- Parents to Child Transmission

PUCC :- Pollution Under Control Certificate

PUCL :- Peoples Union for Civil Liberties

PUDR :- Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

PVC :- Poly Vinyl Chloride / Param Vir Chakra

PVSM :- Param Vishist Seva Medal

PWD :- Public Works Department

PWG :- Peoples War Group


RADAR :- Radio Detecting and Ranging

RAFC :- Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia

RAPP :- Rajasthan Atomic Power Project

RAW :- Research and Analysis Wing

R&D :- Research and Development

RBI :- Reserve Bank of India

RCC :- Reinforced Cement Concrete

RDSO :- Research Design and Standard Organization

RDX :- Research Development Explosive

REACH :- Rural Entrepreneurship for Art and Culture Heritage

RFMT :- Republic of Fiji Military Forces

RGNDWM :- Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission

RITES :- Rail India Technical and Economic Services

RMS :- Railway Mail Service

RPNNL :- Rashtriya Pariyojana Nirman Nigam Limited

RRC :- Reactor Research Centre

RLEGP :- Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme

RNA :- Ribonucleic Acid

ROSNI :- Round Spermatid Nuclear Injection

RSS :- Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

RTO :- Regional Transport Officer

RTRA :- Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority


SAAF :- South Asian Accountants Federation

SAARC :- South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SADCC :- South African Development Corporation Conference

SAFMA :- South Asian Free Media Association

SAHR :- South Asians for Human Rights

SAI :- Sports Authority of India

SAIL :- Steel Authority of India Limited

SALT :- Strategic Arms Limitation Tax

SAPTA :- South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement

SARS :- Service Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SATO :- South Atlantic Treaty Organization

SATTE :- South Asian Travel and Tourism Exchange

SC :- Security Council / Supreme Court / Scheduled Caste

SCHIL :- Stock Holding Corporation of India

SCI :- Shipping Corporation of India

SCL :- Space Corporation Limited

SCOPE :- Standing Conference of Public Enterprises

SCRA :- Special Class Railway Apprentice

SDK :- System Development Kit OR Sun Development Kit

SDR :- Special Drawing Rights

SEARCH :- Society for Environmental Awareness and Rehabilitation of Child and Handicapped

SEATO :- South East Asia Treaty Organization

SEBI :- Security Exchange Board of India

SEEPZ :- Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone

SEO :- Satellite for Earth Observation

SERC :- Structural Engineering Research Centre

SETS :- Society of Electronics Transaction and Security

SEWA :- Self Employed Women’s Association

SFALA :- Small Farmers and Agricultural Labourers Agency

SFC :- Strategic Force Command

SGPC :- Siromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee

SHAR :- Shri Harikota Range

SAHMAT :- Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust

SIAM :- Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers

SIDS :- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDBI :- Small Industries Development Bank of India

SITA :- Separation of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act

SIS :- Secret Intelligence Service

SIV :- Semen Immuno Deficiency Virus

SLAR :- Sight Looking Environment Radar

SLBM :- Submarine Launch Balistic Missile

SLV :- Satellite Launch Vehicle

SMART :- Small Mission for Advance Research

SMS :- Short Messaging System

SNIPES :- Society of National Institutes for Physical Education and Sports

SPCA :- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SROSS :- Stretched Rohini Satellite Series

SSD :- Satellite System Division

SSN :- Social Security Number

SSTEP :- Symphonic Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project

STARS :- Satellite Training and Ranging System

START :- Strategic Armed Reduction Talks

STD :- Subscribers Trunk Dialing OR Sexually Transmitted Disease

STEC :- Solar Thermal Energy Centre

STEP :- Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project

STPI :- Software Technology Park of India

SUNFED :- Special United Nations Fund for Economic Development

SWAPO :- South West African Peoples Organization

SWIFT :- Short Work Programme in Information Technology

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