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Abbreviations - CSEET T to Z CSEET


TACDE :- Tactics & Aircrafts Development Establishment

TAPS :- Tarapur Atomic Power Station

TANSI :- Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation

TAMP :- Tariff Authority for Major Port

TB :- Tuberculosis

TCI :- Trading Corporation of India

TCPO :- Town and Country Planning Organization

TDSAT :- Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal

TELCO :- Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company

TELEX :- Teleprinter Exchange

TRELS :- Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station

TGIT :- Telecom Group on Information Technology

TIFAC :- Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council

TISCO :- Tata Iron & Steel Company

TIN :- Taxpayer’s Identification Number

TMO :- Telegraphic Money Order

TNT :- Tri Nitro Toluene

TRACT :- Transportable Remote Area Communications Terminal

TRAI :- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TRQ :- Tariff Rate Quota

TTFI :- Table Tennis Federation of India

TVA :- Tennesey Valley Authority

TWA :- Trans World Airlines

TWAS :- Third World Academy of Science

TWHS :- Traditional Water Harvesting Systems

TWMF :- Third World Monetary Fund

TWSI :- Tourism and Wild Life Society of India


UANC :- United African National Council

UBLF :- United Bengali Liberation Front

UDC :- Upper Division Clerk /University Development Commission

UDI :- Unilateral Declaration of Independence

UEEM :- Universalization of Elementary Education Mission

UGC :- University Grant Commission

ULFA :- United Liberation Front of Assam

UNAEC :- United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

UNCED :- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNCHS :- United Nations Commission on Human Settlements

UNCLOS :- United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea

UNCSTD :- United Nations Conference on Sciences and Technology for Development

UNCTC :- United Nations Counter Terrorism Committee

UNCTAD :- United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP :- United Nations Development Programme

UNECAFE :- United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and Far East

UNEF :- United Nations Emergency Force

UNEP :- United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO :- United Nations Economic and Social Commission

UNFCC :- United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNFPA :- United Nations Framework for Population Activities

UNHCR :- United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNI :- United News of India

UNICEF :- United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

UNIDO :- United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNISPACE :- United Nations Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Usage of Outer Space

UNMIL :- United Nations Mission in Libra

UNMOVIC :- United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission

UNO :- United Nations Organization

UNRRA :- United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

UNSCOM :- United Nations Special Commission

UNTAG :- United Nations Transition Assistance Group

UPROV :- Union for Protection of New Varieties of Plants

UPSC :- Union Public Service Commission

UPTN :- Universal Personal Tele Number

UPU :- Universal Postal Union

USAID :- United States Agency for International Development

USIS :- United States Information Service

USITC :- United States International Trade Corporation

USSR :- Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

UTS :- Unreserved Ticketing System


VABAL :- Value Based Advanced License

VAT :- Value Added Tax

VCO :- Viceroy Commissioned Officer

VIP :- Very Important Person

VPP :- Value Payable Post

VRDE :- Vehicle Research and Development Establishment

VRS :- Voluntary Retirement Scheme

VSNL :- Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

VSSC :- Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

VTMS :- Versel Traffic Management System

VVF :- Village Volunteer Force


WANO :- World Association of Nuclear Operators

WAY :- World Assembly of Youth

WEF :- World Economic Forum

WFTU :- World Federation of Trade Union

WHO :- World Health Organization

WIDF :- Women’s International Democratic Federation

WIPO :- World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPSA :- Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia

WMO :- World Meteorological Organization

WWF :- World Wild Life Fund

WWFI :- World Wide Fund for Nature India

WWPA :- World Wild Life Protection Agency


YMCA :- Young Men’s Christians Associations

YWCA :- Young Women’s Christians Association


ZBB :- Zero Base Budgeting

ZETA :- Zero Energy Thermo Nuclear Assembly

ZIFT :- Zygote Intra fallopian Transfer

ZIP :- Zone Improvement Plan

ZOPFAN :- Zone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality

ZS :- Zoological Society

ZUPO :- Zimbabwe United People’s Organisatio

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