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Antonyms - CSEET English Business communication

1.  Impartial 

a. Hostile

b. Biased

c. Dislike

d. Worried

Answer : B

Impartial means to be without prejudice or bias, therefore biased is the opposite

2. Heartfelt 

a. loving

b. insincere

c. unhealthy

d. humorous

Answer : B

Heartfelt means expressing genuine feeling, or sincere, so insincere is its opposite

3. expound

a. besmirch

b. confuse

c. confine

d. condemn

Answer : B

To expound means to explain; to confuse, or confound, is the opposite of expound

4. improvident

a. cautious

b. fortunate

c. proven

d. intelligent

Answer : A

Improvident means lacking prudent foresight, or careless; cautious means to be wary or to exercise forethought

5. demur

a. embrace

b. crude

c. boisterous

d. falter

Answer A

To demur means to delay or hesitate; to embrace means to accept readily or gladly; demure means coy

6. impecunious

a. wealthy

b. cautious

c. hungry

d. tardy

Answer A

Impecunious means having little or no money, therefore wealthy is the opposite

7. detain

a. release

b. silence

c. forget

d. prosper

Answer A

To detain means to hold or keep back; to release means to let go

8. colossal

a. easy

b. tiny

c. graceful

d. roof

Answer B

Colossal means incredibly large, therefore tiny is the opposite

9. continue

a. curve

b. argue

c. carry

d. pause

Answer D

To continue means to act without interruption; to pause means to stop temporarily

10. brawny

a. swift

b. weak

c. strong

d. Pale

Answer B

Brawny means muscled or strong, therefore weak is the opposite

11. heal

a. sew

b. foot

c. good

d. maim

Answer D

To heal means to restore to health; to maim means to injure

12. assure

a. alarm

b. reassure

c. quiet

d. unsure

Answer A

To assure means to make sure by removing doubt or worry; alarm means to give warning or to arouse fear

13. doleful

a. empty

b. rich

c. witty

d. vivacious

Answer D

Doleful means full of grief or cheerless; vivacious means full of life and spirit

14. enigmatic

a. healthy

b. watchful

c. disastrous

d. obvious

Answer D

Enigmatic means mysterious or obscure, therefore obvious is the opposite

15. pristine

a. free

b. sullied

c. wide

d. thorough


16. Conceive

a. Tameb. Behavec. Welcomed. Imagine

Answer D

17. rough

a. tumble

b. sleek c. fast

d. distant

Answer B

Rough means having an uneven, coarse surface; sleek means having a smooth, bright surface

18. garner

a. unravel

b. mar

c. squander

d. tarnish

Answer C

To garner means to gather or to store; to squander means to cause to disperse or to scatter

19. prodigal

a. thrifty

b. secondary c. distant

d. squalid

Answer A

Prodigal means wasteful or extravagant; thrifty means thriving by industry and frugality

20. felicitous 


b. boorish

c. inopportune

d. delightful

Answer C

Felicitous means very well-suited or apt; inopportune means inconvenient or not well-suited

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