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Antonyms - CSEET English Business Communication

1. austere

a. lavish

b. unfavorable

c. light

d. devout

Answer A

austere means simple and unadorned; lavish means produced or expended in abundance

2. insipid

a. cold

b. brave

c. exciting

d. bashful

Answer C

insipid means lacking in qualities that interest or excite, therefore exciting is the opposite

3. wastrel

a. sober

b. spendthrift

c. mute

d. miser

Answer D

a wastrel is someone who spends foolishly or self-indulgently; a miser is someone who hoards his or her wealth

4. temperate

a. Celsius

b. inordinate

c. lukewarm

d. safely

Answer B

temperate means moderate; inordinate means excessive or immoderate

5. nebulous

a. cloudy

b. dim

c. distinct

d. desirable

Answer C

nebulous means vague or indistinct, therefore distinct is the opposite

6. rabble

a. order

b. clear

c. open

d. union

Answer D

a rabble is a disorderly or disorganized crowd of people; a union is a group of individuals joined in an organized manner

7. protean

a. unformed

b. unchanging c. elaborate

d. selective

Answer B

protean means showing great diversity or variability, or versatile, therefore unchanging is the opposite

8. vertiginous

a. horizontal

b. litigious

c. constant

d. lowly

Answer C

vertiginous means inclined to frequent change, or inconstant, therefore constant is the opposite

9. permanent

a. loose

b. fierce

c. fleeting

d. unhappy

Answer C

permanent means lasting; fleeting means passing quickly or temporary

10. attain

a. crave

b. lose

c. harbor

d. credit

Answer B

to attain means to achieve or to gain, therefore to lose is the most dissimilar

11. taint

a. cheer

b. worry

c. clear

d. purify

Answer D

to taint means to contaminate or corrupt; to purify means to make pure

12. belittle

a. plain

b. detract

c. magnify

d. torment

Answer C

to belittle means to make seem little or less; to magnify means to enlarge

13. tedious

a. unwavering

b. frightening

c. horrible

d. pleasurable

Answer D

tedious means boring; pleasurable means enjoyable or delightful

14. license

a. restriction

b. allow

c. join

d. gather

Answer A

one meaning of a license is permission; restriction means limitation

15. frivolous

a. pious

b. inexpensive

c. serious

d. contemptuous

Answer C

frivolous means lacking seriousness, therefore serious is the most dissimilar

16. plain

a. meadow

b. ugly

c. lovely

d. unadorned

Answer C

Plain means lacking in beauty, lovely means beautiful.

17. denounce

a. covet

b. condemn

c. blame

d. deplore

Answer A

One meaning of to denounce is to speak out against, to covet means to wish for enviously.

18. contrary

a. urbane

b. agreeable

c. unpleasant

d. despicable

Answer B

Contrary mens unwilling to accept control or advice, agreeable means ready or willing to agree.

19. glower

a. prairie

b. smile

c. raise

d. throw

Answer B

Glower means a sullen brooding look, therefore smile is the most dissimilar.

20. exacting

a. upright

b. lenient

c. sober

d. general

Answer B

Exacting means severe, lenient means indulgent.

21. curtail

a. remain

b. detain c. placate d. prolong

Answer D

To curtail means to cut short, to prolong means to lengthen or extend.

22. eminent

a. imminent

b. obscure

c. retire

d. unsure

Answer B

Eminent means prominent, or famous, obscure means not prominent or unknown.

23. abdicate

a. deny

b. usurp

c. blame

d. renounce

Answer B

To abdicate mens to renounce power or high office, to usurp means seize power r high office.

24. indolent

a. industrious

b. complimentary

c. native

d. smooth

Answer A

Indolent means lazy, industrious means hardworking.

25. fortuitous

a. undefended

b. gratuitous

c. deliberate

d. impoverished

Answer C

Fortuitous means occurring by chance, or accidental, deliberate means resulting from careful consideration or voluntary.

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