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Attempts needed to clear Company Secretary examination

Company Secretary course is one of the toughest to crack in the market and if any did that in first attempt, they need your applause. When we look on to the success percentage of the course, it is comparatively less, even in single digits. But when we look on the opportunities available and the corporate status, we can not simply neglect this course, as this one of the most promising course with huge demand. So following points should be kept in mind while joining the course and if you can not do, do not join, it may not be for you.

Be serious The management education world is one of the most competitive one where only the toughest can survive.  We should not have , let it go, attitude for such courses. No chance, if you are not serious.Size of your dream How big is your dream? if you are looking for an ordinary course with and ordinary job, then CS is not needed for you. But if you want to be the best, and want to have high-profile corporate identity, then you need to consider CS.

How big is your next option? No to CS, Ok, then what you are going to do?  The real question we need to ask our self. The reality is if we drop an opportunity in hand, we should be having some thing bigger in hand. When you can get only ordinary things with the efforts you are making, and with little more effort you can get some thing fantastic for your life, what you want to choose. CS offers and beautiful career path, with good package and with nice profile.

Don't do it alone

While pursuing a tough course like CS we should not be doing it alone. The time required to clear such courses are comparatively higher than an ordinary academical course. So planning early can help us to be employable while doing the course, and we can start earn while learning.

Work on deadlines Having deadlines are always necessary. Working without deadlines, usually will never lead us anywhere. So fix a time frame with proper planning.

Timing of quitting The timing of quitting also is very important. In most of the cases, first or second setback usually results in quiting. They are the persons who doesn't have a clear and fixed dream. But when we talk to successful people we understand that they have tried many times and they never said enough for their dream, that is why they are successful. So if this is your dream, do not quit, keep on trying. Also talk to people  who have succeeded and quitted CS , that will give more clear picture.

Is your decision emotional? The easiest way in difficult times, is quitting? Nobody succeeded just by quitting or by emotional decisions. Every decision should be well thought decisions, and it should be taken by considering all possible consequences.  If proper care has been taken while taking decision to start the course, there will not be any reason for quitting. So take decision with proper planning and care. CS is one of the best career option which can be even used in India and many other countries. It does not matter how many times you attempted, only the certificate will be counted. This is one of the profession where demand is high and the supply is less.  Do not quit just by numbers, gold, when beaten, shines.

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