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Business Acronyms and Abbreviations - CSEET

ABC – Always be closing

AGM – Annual General Meeting

ASAP – As soon as possible

B2B – Business to business

B2C – Business to consumer

BD – Board of Directors

CAD – Computer aided design

CEO – Chief executive officer

CFO – Chief financial officer

CIO – Chief investment officer/chief information officer

CMO – Chief marketing officer

COO – Chief operating officer

CTO – Chief technology officer

CS – Company Secretary

DOE – Depending on experiment

EBITDA – Earning before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortization

ED – Executive Director

EGM – Extra Ordinary General Meeting

EOD – End of day/end of discussion

ERP – Enterprise resource planning

ESOP – Employee stock ownership plan

ETA – Estimated time of arrival

FYI – For your information

HTML – Hypertext mark-up language

IPO – Initial public offering

ISP – Internet service provider

KPI – Key performance indicators

LLC – Limited liability company

MD – Managing Direcor

MILE – Maximum impact, little effort

MOOC – Massive open online course

MSRP – Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

NDA – Non-disclosure agreement

NOI – Net operating income

NRN – No reply necessary

OTC – Over the counter

PR – Public relations

QC – Quality control

R & D – Research and development

RFP – Request for proposal

ROI – Return on investment

RRP – Recommended retail price

SEO – Search engine optimization

SLA – Service level agreement

VAT – Value added tax

VM – Virtual Meeting

VPN – Virtual private network

WTD – Whole Time Director

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