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Business communication English language - CSEET 3

1. My wife works —– the town hall.

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. by

Answer : C

2. Kanmani longs —– my friendship. A. for B. from C. by D. of

Answer : A

Select proper prefix

3. Editor A. bye B. sub C. joint D. bi

Answer B

4. Danger A. er B. ous C. ed D. en

Answer B

5. Monthly A. bi B. bye C. anti D. over

Answer A

6. Date A. un B. ante C. in D. anti

Answer B

7. Spoken A. in B. de C. out D. dis

Answer C

8. Liven A. under B. en C. on D. in

Answer B

9. Collegiate A. inter B. by C. un D. in

Answer A

10. Moan A. be B. bee C. dis D. un

Answer A

11. Minister A. bi B. over C. on D. ex

Answer D

12. Large A. en B. in C. on D. out

Answer A

Correct spelling


1. Reannaisance 2. Renaissance 3. Rennaissance 4. Renaisance

Answer 2


1. Sinchronize 2. Syycronise 3. Synchronize 4. Synchromise

Answer C


1. Surveilance 2. Surveillance 3. Survellance 4. Survaillance

Answer B

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