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Business communication MCQs CSEET part 3

1. __________ facility shall be used by corporate houses relating to postal department

(a) Letter posting (b) Post Box facility

(c) Money order (d) None of the above

2. To challenge defaulter some steps should be followed like

(a) Suspension of supplies

(b) Cancellation of credit

(c) A stricter tone and style

(d) All of the above

3. Full form of AAR

(a) Against all risk (b) All against risk

(c) All against refund (d) All against recovery

4. Full form of E & OE

(a) Error and Omission Eluded

(b) Error and Omission Excepted

(c) Error and Omission Eradicated

(d) Error and Omission Established

5. __________ is the document which gives full information of the goods being Shipped and

sent to the importer.

(a) Proforma invoice (b) Delivery Challan

(c) Invoice (d) Debit Note

6. In which Legal Condition, a person or business has liabilities exceeding the assets and the

debtor is unable to pay the amount.

(a) Winding up process

(b) Incorporation

(c) Bankruptcy

(d) None

7. Proforma Invoice is used for which purposes:

(a) Helps the company for calculation of duties and taxes Payable

(b) Used as quotation

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of the above.

8. Full form of SCM

(a) Sales Cost Management

(b) Supply Chain Management

(c) Supply Cost Management

(d) None of the above.

9. A letter in stricter tone and style is written for __________.

(a) Suspension (b) Reminder Letter

(c) Cancellation (d) Final Reminder.

10. Insurance is a contract between the company, called the__________ & the client known

as __________.

(a) Contractor contractee (b) Insurer, Insured

(c) Insured, Insurer (d) None of the above.

11. Banking require letter writing for following service.

(a) Over draft limit (b) Dividend

(c) Postal authorities (d) Policy renewal

12. Plural form of memorandum

(a) Memorand (b) Memoranda

(c) Both (a) & (b) (d) None of the above

13. Memos may relate to

(a) Show Cause Notice (b) Charge - sheet

(c) Both (a) & (b) (d) None of the above

14. ………. is a note or record for future use

(a) Office circulars (b) Office Orders

(c) Memo (d) Memorandum

15. What does Office Order do not include?

(a) Order No (b) Subject

(c) Date (d) Under Signed

16. What does a circular do not include?

(a) Circular No (b) CC:

(c) Date (d) Under Signed

17. ………. is used for disseminating information to a large number of employees.

(a) Office Circulars (b) Office Order

(c) Office Notice (d) None of the above

18. ………. are preferred when one needs to convey information in writing.

(a) Office Order (b) Office Circular

(c) Office Note (d) Memorandum

19. ………. is devoid of solution.

(a) Office Order (b) Memo Report

(c) Office Note (d) Office Circular

20. ………. carry a bold, underlined heading to help us identify them.

(a) Office Note (b) Office Orders

(c) Office Circulars (d) Memo Report

21. Passive verb is preferred in which type of Inter - department communication?

(a) Office Order (b) Memo Report

(c) Office Note (d) Office Circular

22. Format of ………. differ from company to company

(a) Office Order (b) Memo Report

(c) Office Note (d) Office Circular

23. ………. does not have salutation and complimentary close

(a) Memo (b) Office Order

(c) Office Note (d) None of the above

24. .......... is not a type of intra- organizational communication

(a) Advertisement (b) Office Order

(c) Office Note (d) Office Circular

25. .......... letters are necessary to be written on a letter head

(a) Office Notes

(b) Representation to Management

(c) Correspondence with Regional Office

(d) Office Orders

1 (b) 2 (d) 3 (a) 4 (b)

5 (c) 6 (c) 7 (c) 8 (b) 9 (d) 10 (b)

11 (a) 12 (b) 13 (c) 14 (d) 15 (b) 16 (b)

17 (a) 18 (d) 19 (d) 20 (b) 21 (a) 22 (c)

23 (a) 24 (a) 25 (c)

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