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Business environment MCQ - CSEET

1. Which ministry is responsible for co-ordination of all skill development efforts across the


(a) Ministry of finance

(b) Ministry of skill development and Entrepreneurship

(c) Ministry of Corporate

(d) All of these

2. The functional arms of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneur- ship are:

(a) National Skill Development Agency (NSDA)

(b) National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

(c) National Skill Development Fund (NSDF)

(d) All of these

3. NSDC is a unique model created with a well though underlying philosophy based on

which pillars:

(a) Create

(b) Fund

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

4. National Skill Development Agency is based under which Act:

(a) Society’s Registration Act 1860

(b) Entrepreneurship Act, 1980

(c) Ministry Development Act, 1872

(d) Partnership Act, 1932

5. NSDC operates through ................. with multiple stakeholders in catalysing and evolving

the skilling ecosystem.

(a) Partnership

(b) Good faith

(c) Mutual concern

(d) None of these

6. The main objectives of the NSDC are to:

(a) Upgrade skills to international standards

(b) Enhance, support and co-ordinate private sector initiatives

(c) Prioritize initiatives that can have a multiplier or catalytic effect

(d) All of these

7. Which of these functional arms play a role of a “market-maker” '

(a) NSDC

(b) NSDA

(c) NSDC

(d) MSDE

8. NSDC operates through partnerships with

(a) Private Sector

(b) Central Ministries

(c) State Government

(d) All of these

9. For the ease of doing business the MSME unit has to fill in a single one page self declaration online from called.

(a) Udyog Adhaar

(b) E-Adhaar

(c) Company Incorporation Form

(d) None of these

10. STAND UP INDIA scheme provides loans to entrepreneurs of:

(a) Schedule caste

(b) Schedule Tribe

(c) Women

(d) All of these

11. What is the meaning of term SETU in Hindu?

(a) Wheat

(b) Rice

(c) Bridge

(d) Pool

12. A start up is a company that is in the ................. stage of its operations.

(a) Early

(b) First

(c) Middle

(d) Slow

13. The key objectives of the AIM (Atal Innovation Mission) are

(a) To create an umbrella structure

(b) To provide platform and collaboration

(c) To create awareness and provide knowledge

(d) All of these

14. To get a loan from stand up India Scheme, the age of the company should not exceed

(a) 1 year

(b) 2 years

(c) 3 years

(d) 5 years

15. Under the ................. 50 percent of stipend payable to apprentices would be reimbursed

by the government for the first two years is an incentive for MSME units to take in more


(a) Apprentice Protsahan Yojana

(b) Apprenticeship Act 1961

(c) Workmens Compensation Act

(d) None of the above

16. The scheme launched by MSME Ministry in March 2015, for promotion of Innovation,

Rural Industry and Entrepreneurship.

(a) Aspire scheme

(b) Mudra scheme

(c) Atal Innovation Mission

(d) All of the above

17. Businesses as entrepreneurial hubs is one of the major drivers identified by

(a) The expert committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

(b) Innovative start ups

(c) Incubation Policy

(d) None of the above

18. In the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking 2015 India is placed at

(a) 154 place out of the total of 184 economies

(b) 142 place out of total of 189 economies

(c) 148 place out of total of 190 economies

(d) 146 place out of a total of 188 economies

19. Globally India Ranks in

(a) 3rd position with 4200 startups

(b) 4th position with 4200 startups

(c) 2nd position with 4500 startups

(d) 5th position with 4800 startups

20. The loans given to SC/ST and women Entrepreneurs under stand up India Scheme range from:

(a) Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 crore

(b) Rs 15 lakh to Rs 1 crore

(c) Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore

(d) Rs 15 lakh to Rs 2 crore

21. Expansion of term SETU is

(a) Self exchange and talent utilization

(b) Self exchange and trust utilization

(c) Self expert and team utilization

(d) Self Employment and talent utilization

22. To give boost to the make in India programme, the MSME Ministry

launched ................. .

(a) NDFC

(b) SBA

(c) SETU



1 (b) 2 (d) 3 (c) 4 (a) 5 (a) 6 (d)

7 (a) 8 (d) 9 (a) 10 (d) 11 (c) 12 (b)

13 (d) 14 (d) 15 (a) 16 (a) 17 (a) 18 (b)

19 (a) 20 (c) 21 (d) 22 (d)

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