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"Can You Pass the CSEET Exam with These Set 7 Revision MCQs?"

Paper 1 : Business Communication

1. A _________, by definition, is placed before a noun or its equivalent in order to show its relationship in terms of time, place, etc.

a. Preposition

b. Adverb

c. Verb

d. Adjective

2. The words a or an and the are called _________.

a. Adverbs

b. Articles

c. Nouns

d. Adjectives.

3. Megastar, megalith and megawatt are examples of which form of prefixes?

a. Time Prefixes

b. Number Prefixes

c. Size Prefixes

d. Status prefixes

4. The communication which passes from one person or process to another person or process in a vertical pattern is called________.

a. Chain Network

b. Circuit Network

c. Wheel or Spoke Network

d. Vertical Network

5. __________briefly state the purpose of the report, it will briefly describe the methodology used to investigate the issue and it will list the key points and findings that are found in the report.

a. Executive summary.

b. Analysis and fact finding procedure.

c. Collection of the data and facts.

d. Conclusion


Paper 2 : Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

6. How many categories of fundamental rights are guaranteed under Part III of the Indian Constitution?

a. Four

b. Five

c. Six

d. Seven

7. Sub Clause (f) of Article 19(1) of the Constitution of India is omitted by which of the following amendments?

a. The Constitution (Tenth Amendment) Act

b. The Constitution (Forty-second Amendment) Act

c. The Constitution (Forty-fourth Amendment) Act

d. The Constitution (Forty-Eighth Amendment) Act

8. What is the status of an agreement not enforceable by law?

a. void ab initio

b. Illegal

c. Voidable

d. None of these

9. Given that 10th January is Wednesday, what will be the day on 1st March of the next year?

a. Thursday

b. Friday

c. Thursday or Friday d. Friday or Saturday

10. Which of the given comes in place of question mark? .5, 1, 3, 11, ? 171

a. 40

b. 41

c. 42

d. 43

Paper 3 : Economic and Business Environment

11. “No Change in the Range of Goods Available to the Consumers”, is the assumption of which of the following laws of economics?

a. Law of Demand

b. Law of Variable Proportions

c. Law of Increasing Returns to Scale

d. Law of Decreasing Returns to Scale

12. “No change in the tax and subsidy policy of the products”, is the assumption of which of the following laws of economics?

a. Law of Variable Proportions

b. Law of Supply

c. Law of Increasing Returns to Scale

d. Law of Decreasing Returns to Scale

13. The formula for elasticity of demand is:

a. Ep = Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded / Percentage Change in Price

b. Ep = Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded x Percentage Change in Price

c. Ep = Percentage Change in Price / Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded

d. Ep = Percentage Change in Price x Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded

14. ________________ is one when the percentage change produced in demand is less than the percentage change in the price of a product.

a. Unitary elastic demand

b. Relatively elastic demand

c. Relatively inelastic demand

d. Perfectly elastic demand

15. “The production of goods for self-consumption should be counted while measuring national income” is a requirement under which of the following methods of computing national income?

  1. Value Added Method

  2. Product Method

  3. Expenditure Method

  4. Sales Method


Paper 4 : Current Affairs and Quantitative Aptitude

16. In which of the following cities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the world's largest meditation center?

a. Patna

b. Lucknow

c. Varanasi

d. Ahmedabad

17. Which of the following cities is being developed as India's first 'AI City'?

a. Lucknow

b. Jaipur

c. Chennai

d. Kolkata

18. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the 16th Finance Commission by the Central Government?

a. Shaktikanta Das

b. Raghuram Rajan

c. Arvind Panagariya

d. Alok Gandhi

19. India has started its tenure as a member of the United Nations Statistical

Commission for how many years?

a. 2 years

b. 4 years

c. 5 years

d. 6 years

20. Who has taken oath as the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

a. Bhajanlal Sharma

b. Diya Kumari

c. Sachin Pilot

d. Balak Nath

21. A walks 3 kms towards his right, than took a right and walked 5 kms, than turned right and walked for 4 kms and than took a right and walked for 5 kms. In which direction A is from the point he started?

a. North-East

b. North-west

c. West

d. South

22. What is 200 percent of 5 percent of 10 percent of 5000?

a. 50

b. 500

c. 5000

d. None of these

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