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Career and Social media

When we look on jobs and career we were more focused on skills, knowledge, CV, language etc. to impress HR executives and then they will do some background checks with people we have given them as references or maximum previous employer, that’s all. The time has changed, even before they call you for an interview they will form an opinion about you now by looking into to social media accounts. Your social media accounts now serve a different purpose altogether. Usually we will dress our social media accounts like they are going to attend a beauty pageant. We never post incriminating articles or photos which other people can use to create a view about us, but all jokes, forwards and no problem posts we do post and share. The reality in the changed scenario is that your social media profiles serves as a window to the world to understand who are you and how you wish to present yourself to the world. Be careful the employers are watching.

Social media impact In the recent time it has become ordinary news that employees are fired and penalized for their social media posts. Seen many lose their careers due to a wrong post or share which hurts many. The reason for such a paradigm shift is because the employers have started to look on the posts in two aspects,

  1. It is the expression of the character and personality of the employee.

  2. It is sometimes treated as the image of the organization, so it impacts the public image of the company.

Careful – your social media profiles are you! Employees and job seekers need to be very careful because your profiles on social media are you and your thought line. All want to employ level headed and responsible people. It doesn’t mean that we need to window dress our social media profile, it is only mean that do not post only the wrong post but also post your hobbies, interests, expertise, love etc. so that the profile will be of real you.

What need to be done? If you are serious and want to see your social media profiles are of real you, then we need to do a review to understand whether

  1. It clearly shows your interests and its variety.

  2. It clearly differentiates you from others.

  3. You are consistent in your thoughts

  4. It shows your skills and expertise

  5. It shows your thinking your future.

  6. It shows your character, like are you a leader or follower.

  7. It shows your dreams. The only thing what we can do is look for positives in the surroundings and life and post in such a way that the viewers understand the way you want. We should not confuse ourselves that the hiring managers or employers are looking into to our profiles not hire or just to fire. Their intention is to check the asset quality in long term to achieve corporate goals. They want to see that you are more inventing, engaging, professional and competent.

How to make it best? No short cuts, be original. Do reviews periodically. Be sensible to your post. Evaluate after writing before posting. Be active and reply. Clarify on questions. Don’t be offensive on negative comments, you have a right to express, they have a right to respond.

Create your brand in the social media which will express the real you, so that if a hiring manager want to understand about you, the social media profile can say lot many things than the two-sheet paper you send or the two persons you give as reference. Be careful, it is not time pass.


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