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Career option as Company secretary

What should I do after by Graduation? Or how can I plan my career after my 12th? Simple question every student ask any career counsellor. This question looks very easy to answer, as if we need to recommend what we like. But that is not career counselling, it is only marketing. In career counselling we need to under stand some basic things about the student, like Background• Interest• Dream• Goal• Learning pattern etc. All these should be done before we start telling something to them. Now a days we are facing a serious question, a commerce graduates is raising. Engineering graduates are now competing with commerce graduates for banking, accounts and finance jobs. To be not edged out by them what should they do. There are many options, but being a qualified company secretary is one of the premier opportunity in corporate education.

Why Company Secretary? When we look on to the opportunities for a company secretary we find it is very vast. One can find job in private sector, public sector, banks, stock exchange, tax practicing, law practicing, financial institutions, financial intermediaries etc. The list is really never ending. This course is offered by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) having its head quarters in New Delhi and regional offices in all metros and large cities and chapters in major district headquarters. ICSI is an institution formed by an act of Parliament.

Opportunities for a company secretary Major corporate legislation are all recommended for a dedicated compliance officer in such companies, who can see and certify that the affairs of the company is conducted by complying with the laws of the land. Companies Act 1956, have provided for compulsory appointment of company secretaries in full time employment depending up on the size of the companies. The whole amended Companies Act 2013 provides for every company having paid up share capital of Rs 10 crore or more should have a whole time company secretary. The Act also aims for self compliant corporate environment, which is very promising for a corporate law expert like a company secretary. Opportunities in Private as well as public and government sector In India both private and public sector provide excellent job and practicing opportunities for a company secretary. Different statutes also made, secretarial audit compulsory, an area which provides great practicing opportunities.

Why should one become a company secretary?

1. Corporate compliance officer: It is great professional course accepted by most of the world. The job profile of a company secretary is in the top management of a corporate where he is expected to advice the company on various compliance matters to see that the organisation is running as per the law of the land. The major advantage is that unlike other professional degrees, company secretary course does not warrant a full time study, it can even be done through self study mode. Most flexible world class professional degree.

2.Tech Savvy work life: When we start talking about being a company secretary, the first thing comes to every body’s mind is sitting behind a mountain of papers. Not at all. The days are changing and a company secretary is working within group in a highly technological environment. So less paper more time to think about quality work and compliant company.

3. Tension free atmosphere: Other than routine stress, there will not be a situation where a person works without considering his health and family.

4. Not just job, CS can practice, teach and if need write. It does not mean that when you become a company secretary you need to work 24*7 in highly stressed corporate environment. A CS also can explore challenging opportunities in practicing, teaching and even he can write on laws.

5. I am 50 , I am out! No No, age is not a barrier at all for the right student. At present the Indian market have shortage for good company secretaries, and any body can be recruited. No need to explain, as education, practice etc age is not a concern.

6. Job enrichment and satisfaction: The profile company secretary is of an authoritative senior management position. He commands great degree of job independence and result oriented.

7. Comparatively great work life balance with an opportunity to learn new things every day. Learning, updating and upgrading a never ending process for a company secretary. He is a person with up to date knowledge in his area of operation.

8. Good connection with government officers, professionals, international organisations etc as he is the chief compliance officer of the company. A company secretary also enjoys a highly competitive pay pack in each company, as this is one such qualification where demand is very high and supply is limited. If looking for a prestigious career opportunity, with lot of money, prestige, public status, respect etc, this is profession you are looking for.

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